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C Litter Update – 44 Days Old

C Litter Update - 44 Days Old

Look at this crazy dog! Aura is in here sleeping with her pups. She plays with them, snarls and shows her teeth and play-fights with them- it is amazing, she acts just like a puppy sometimes. We have some small bones for

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Announcement: C Litter Puppy Availability: 0 or 1?

With personalities coming through we’ll be working this week to make sure the pups are perfectly matched up with their new homes- this is a top priority for  the puppies. We technically have 1 female however there are several people thinking of

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C Litter Update – 43 Days Old

C Litter Update - 43 Days Old

01/28/2015 – 43 days old The pups personalities are really starting to shine through now! Mostly pics today:

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C Litter Update – 40 Days Old

Lordy Lordy look who’s 40! Here’s the morning routine! They go out, go potty, then I have them chase me around. I have discovered the key to getting every pup to chase me is to do this before they eat. Aura likes

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C Litter Update – 39 Days Old

C Litter Update - 39 Days Old

39 Days?! Wow, time flies. Sorry for the lack of blog updates. Our blogger in chief has been under the weather this week. The pups are doing great. Lots of small news updates and some “ok” pictures. All C Litter pics have

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C Litter Puppies in the rain!

I have no pics of sopping wet puppies, just a quick story… During tonight’s outdoor adventure there was a sprinkle. This is great! It sure beats a heavy downpour. It was a very good experience for the pups. vAll 6 were eating

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C Litter Update – 32 Days Old

It is hard to believe but the pups are already 32 days old! THIS is the best thing that has ever happened to the pups here. One of our midwoofs let us borrow this play yard fence. Here’s Aura keeping an eye

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C Litter Update – 23 Days Old

Jan 8, 2015: Today the pups are 23 Days old. We’ve been soaking their food and then running it through the blender. They seem to really like it like this. We’ll probably blend it for them for a week or so. Aura

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C Litter Update – Puppies First Meal – Video

The B litter had their first meal at 20 days old. We’ve been waiting for the right time with the C litter. At 18 days old they probably could have handled it but Aura was still feeding them pretty good. She has

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C Litter Update – 19 Days Old

January 4, 2015, the German Shepherd pups are 19 days old. Yesterday and today they have been a lot more mobile. They can now make it over the edge of their whelping box which is around 7″ or so off of the

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