What Happened to Hektor Haus German Shepherds (hektorhaus.com)?

This website initially began as HektorHaus.com, home of Hektor Haus German Shepherds.

All Hektor Haus website and blog content is here on this site under the blog category Hektor Haus.

Some content, such as pages and pages of puppy growth and updates, will eventually be condensed into single, large articles for easy viewing.

What was Hektor Haus German Shepherds?

In 2012, I had sold off an IT company. I had time and money. I brought over Aura from Germany. After nearly a decade of research, I wanted to breed a litter of puppies. Due to the amount of money it would cost and bring in (not profitable) I would need to report the income (and expenses) to the IRS. Having been self employed for quite some time, I’ve already “suffered” various audits. Anyways, the business needed a name so I called it Hektor Haus, after Hektor, the “first” German Shepherd. My goal was to produce pups along the SV breed standard lines. My mentor who helped me acquire Aura was Toni Brezel. I used one of her awesome KKL1 studs as the sire, and the “A litter” was born. A year later, I would have the B and finally the C litter.

In 2017, I renamed all of our web properties such as YouTube and Facebook from Hektor Haus to AllAboutShepherds.

This is what the most recent HektorHaus.com website looked like after I had “rebranded” it as “Hektor Haus German Shepherd Lovers”:

This is what the original site looked like, circa 2014:

HektorHaus.com up until March 2014.

No more puppies

Raising puppies was a blast. And a lot of work. Thankfully, my other business ventures are profitable enough and I have no more time for puppies. I learned a lot. And I hope to share that with people along with German Shepherd News here on AllAboutShepherds.com. I am not the expert, I am just someone who has owned GSDs almost 20yrs and loves them.

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