C Litter Update – 19 Days Old

January 4, 2015, the German Shepherd pups are 19 days old.

Yesterday and today they have been a lot more mobile. They can now make it over the edge of their whelping box which is around 7″ or so off of the ground. The first thing they have wanted to do is wrestle with each other. Front teeth are about to break through and their nails are very sharp. Aura goes in to see them and lets them feed still but she sneaks in while they’re asleep, that way only 2 or 3 at a time feed, although at night she does lie down on her side all the way and let all of the puppies have at her. Aura is still producing a lot of milk- you would think she had 40 pups. Apparently the pups are drinking a lot more these days. She will continue to feed them on and off even after they start eating.

Their new food arrived yesterday. This is a food we found online that is for pregnant and nursing females, and also for pups in their first few weeks of feeding. It is called MAXI-Starter. In the past we tried to give it to Aura but the protein content was too high for her. This food is soaked in hot water and it turns into a porridge that the pups will love.

puppy walk
Here’s one of the pups up on all 4 feet!
puppy feed
MAXI Starter
puppy stretch
Puppy stretch!


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