puppiesWelcome to All About Shepherds.

Welcome to All About Shepherds, the world’s first German Shepherd News website.

This website exists to:

  • Provide German Shepherd News!
  • Provide information on German Shepherds and other Shepherd Dogs
  • Provide Medical Information on German Shepherds. As of November 2017, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is assisting us with accurate medical information.

Have a German Shepherd story?

If you have a German Shepherd story that you would like on this website, please feel free to contact us here.

Do we have Shepherds?

Len, the site owner, obtained his first German Shepherd puppy in 2005, shortly after purchasing his first home. “Fina” lived from 9/12/2005 – 9/25/2014. His family’s 2nd GSD, Aura, arrived in the USA from Germany 2/17/2012. Aura was bred 3x, producing 23 amazing puppies. We do not breed any more, but feel free to read about her and the sire’s credentials here. Len has also fostered some GSD rescues. He is by no means the “German Shepherd Expert” but he does stop people walking their dog to take pictures.