German Shepherd Health

German Shepherds are generally a fairly healthy breed, however, health concerns do exist in the Shepherd just like they do in any breed. While most people are concerned with hip dysplasia, there are many different diseases, infections, disorders, allergies and other problems the breed is prone to, mostly due to breeding issues.


A list of problems the German Shepherd may get

This list below provides a definition of the health problem, symptoms, causes, disgnosis, treatment and prognosis. Many health problems may be treated at home, and others require a veterinarian or surgery.

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Avoiding health problems in the German Shepherd Dog

To obtain the best quality German Shepherd Dog, obtain your puppy from a very reputable breeder who has a strict breeding program. No matter what precautions have been taken, any dog, including the German Shepherd Dog, may develop a health problem no matter how careful you’ve been. In each individual page, information on preventing and avoiding those health problems is provided when relevant.

Mental health

When people think of health they often think of physical, medical problems. It is important to consider the mental health of the Shepherd as well. This large breed dog forms a close bond with their owner and needs mental stimulation. Without it, they can become depressed which leads to physical problems. The amount of mental stimulation varies based upon which type of shepherd you have and even from dog to dog.