What Happened to

The website on went down in early 2018. I monitored the site to see if it would come back up, and, it never did. After it was abandoned the domain itself completed its lifecycle and went back up for sale, so, I picked it up. I reached out to Linda on several occasions and have been unable to contact her. Her Facebook page has been inactive for 9 months now as well. I hope she is ok.

I made backups of the content on that site in case she allows me to post some of it here. In the meantime, it’s just archived on my hard drive, although, unfortunately, some people around the world are posting it without providing credit.

If you’re looking for her book, The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog, you can pick it up here on Amazon, and it may just be the best book ever written on German Shepherd Dogs:

Here’s what the Shawlein website used to look like, courtesy of Wayback Machine:


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