German Shepherd Dog and Black Bear Make an Unlikely Duo

Jenn Sargent, a German Shepherd Dog owner from Vermont, was shocked to see that her pup made a new friend: a black bear!

The New York Post reported on the story on July 8, saying that Sargent was first notified about her pup and the bear by a neighbor. The German shepherd Jameson is seen in video footage trying to get the black bear to play.

Talking about the video footage she captured, Sargent stated, “While it was a great video, my main emotion was pure relief. I was thankful my young children were not outside, the dog had no injuries and the fact that this bear was in a playful mood.”

Sargent said that the animals played for “about seven minutes,” though she also said that Jameson “did appear to be looking for him to come back and play” after the bear left.


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