C Litter Update – 44 Days Old

Look at this crazy dog! Aura is in here sleeping with her pups. She plays with them, snarls and shows her teeth and play-fights with them- it is amazing, she acts just like a puppy sometimes.

We have some small bones for the pups, she takes them away though! These are synthetic, harmless bones, but, she takes them, jumps out of their area and prances away with them with her head held high and then hides them around the house. We have a rope toy in there that she allows. I guess the bones (designed for puppies) are not Aura-approved for some reason.

Each morning the pups are chasing me now- all 6, every time. At first it was just a few here and there, but now, it’s on, especially over the last 48hrs. Video coming soon.

We are letting 1 or  2 pups out at a time to explore the house, and they love that. Outdoors they can play for a solid 45min – 1hr now. Sometimes we can even leave them alone for a few minutes although we are never more than 20′ away and Aura stands guard with her ears up at all times.

Here’s Aura sleeping with her babies.

aura and her puppies


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