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Riley Says Hello

The dark blue collared boy from the B litter dropped by the other day. Him & Aura ran all over the yard. They appeared to recognize each other. Aura bounced all around and they took turns chasing each other. Well, it was

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Miller from the B Litter

“Miller” from the B litter sent us an email.. It’s just him, sitting around, looking OUTSTANDING! Hey Miller, do you want to move back in with us??? Miller had some dry skin around 10 weeks, dandruff if you will. He took “O3

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Red from the B Litter is Reuinted with Aura

Red from the B litter was here today and him & Aura seemed to recognize each other! Although I think it took Aura a 20 seconds or so. Who knows! They have been playing together here for hours. I think they’ve ran

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More Pictures of Green

Here we have more pictures of green!          

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B Litter UPDATE – Aura is VERY Pregnant

B Litter UPDATE - Aura is VERY Pregnant

Ok. So, sorry for the lack of updates here. They will start flowing. And, when the puppies arrive, there will be daily puppy pictures. If you don’t feel like navigating to this site every day just Like us on Facebook or Circle

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Hektor Haus German Shepherds B Litter Announcement

We just left NCSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine from getting a sonogram done and we have confirmed what we’ve been keeping top secret. We will have a “B Litter” being born around November 24, 2013!! Feedback from the A litter has been

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