Red from the B Litter is Reuinted with Aura

Red from the B litter was here today and him & Aura seemed to recognize each other! Although I think it took Aura a 20 seconds or so. Who knows! They have been playing together here for hours. I think they’ve ran 15 miles in the kitchen alone. Lots of “play fighting”. Aura is acting like a puppy and a mom at the same time. Red’s name is undecided- he might just end up being “Red” as that what his family has been calling him. He might get a “registered name” of Beethoven. We’ll see! Either way he is one cute puppy with a LOT of energy.

aura and pup
Hi mom!! Aura is “smiling” as red gives her puppy licks and kisses.
“Red” from the B litter



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