Hektor Haus German Shepherds B Litter Announcement

We just left NCSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine from getting a sonogram done and we have confirmed what we’ve been keeping top secret. We will have a “B Litter” being born around November 24, 2013!!

Feedback from the A litter has been exceptional. It made the whole effort worthwhile. An experienced breeder, trainer who shows dogs, and currently owns 5 of her own GSDs keeps on asking us “How the heck did you do this?!” – they bought Armin from the A litter and have been just blown away at his fearlessness and confidence. We ran into Ace’s new mom Stephanie at the NC State Fair just yesterday, and she praised Ace and said he is a wonderful dog. So far all we’ve had is excellent feedback.

There are no guarantees on a C litter; it may be a couple of years before we do this again. To do this right is just an incredible amount of work. First, we go through NCSU’s Theriogenology department to pinpoint the date Aura will be most fertile, then we have to meet the stud on his incredible schedule (he is a busy dog), then we go through prenatal care, sonograms, Xrays, etc to find out just how many are coming. The night of the whelping (birth) we have vet techs on site for the process which can take 12 – 16 hours. When the pups are finally here, we raise them indoors. It is unbelievably time consuming, and if you do it right, it is very expensive. The 6 week update on our A litter can be found here to give you a glimpse of an idea of what is involved. Of course, please check out our puppy page and stay on top of our blog for constant updates starting a few days before Thanksgiving.

Please understand when a pup leaves here there is a direct contract between us and the new owner. They can be a Christmas present, but the demand far outweighs the supply and they will not be going just anywhere and we must be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the new owners understands what they are in for and that they have the time and energy to care for one of these pups. These are not your average dog. And no, we’re not being overprotective of them, German imported show line dogs are a completely different breed of German Shepherd than the American line 99% of people are used to (to read more about the differences in the West German Show Line German Shepherd Dog and the typical American Line GSD please read this article. These do not have to be shown but are very energetic, healthy, beautiful, intelligent dogs. AKC does not differentiate, and while we love both types, there are major differences.

Interested? We already have deposits and puppies are still available, so feel free to contact us here.

These are the puppies from the A litter. There are 8 standing, and one that tipped over (plop). First thing in the morning after they went potty, they are trying to get up onto the deck.

Thank you,
Hektor Haus


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