German Shepherd Caught on Deer Camera

Something killed one of my chickens the other day and I ran down to check my trail camera / deer camera. Sure enough, there was a dog on the camera. I suspected it was a dog since the chicken was not eaten, it just had all of the skin ripped off of it’s head and neck and there were feathers all over the place, like a dog bit it and thrashed it all around like a rag doll.

I don’t blame the dog. I tell people all the time that dogs like chicken just as much as people do. 🙂

I have seen it in 8 week old puppies – German Shepherds want to kill chickens. Unless properly trained, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Yes, they can get along with chickens. Here is my girl (RIP) Fina the German Shepherd hanging out with chickens.

Anyways, in this case the neighbor watches someone’s GSD and accidentally let them out. I’m not very happy about my chicken being destroyed, but at least he only killed 1.

Here’s the culprit!

This is zoomed in. I love my Moultrie Game Camera.

I haven’t seen this GSD in a while, but he was also at my house November 2015 and April 2016.

Hopefully they keep track of him – I am the nicest guy in the neighborhood. I am in a rural part of town and most people in the area would just pull out their rifle and it would be a very sad day…


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