German Shepherd Found and Returned Home. Again.

Almost exactly 5 months ago, a German Shepherd showed up at my house. It was shortly after Aura’s spaying and I wondered if a spayed female could attract another male or not.

Well, Aura used to go into heat about every 5mos, and 5mos later this 13month old male is at my house clawing at the door, trying to get in.

It was funny as I was sitting outside at about 9PM grilling and having a few IPAs with a friend. There were several kids at my house and the shepherd ran around playing with them. He was very excited and bouncing all around so I put him in my fenced in area. I had already had a few IPAs so I wasn’t about to drive the dog home.

Meanhile my friendly neighbor showed up to ask me if I had lost my dog. I informed her that I probably couldn’t get my dog to leave my property if I wanted to! This intact male though, is another story.

I do not know if Aura’s heat cycle had anything to do with him showing up. When I had her spayed, I had a laprascopic spay performed which leaves the canine’s uterus intact.

It was also a full moon, so who knows.

The dog barked all night so by 6AM I put dog in my truck and off we went. I found the owner’s home nearby as I recognized his vehicle, a lifted Jeep Wrangler.

The owner didn’t answer the door but I did see a fenced in area. Dog & I walked the property and I locked him up in his fenced in area. It was definitely his as it was full of his tracks. I hope he doesn’t spend too much time back there.

Anyways, here he is, looking at me before I dropped him back off after being found and returned home again.



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