Can a spayed German Shepherd attract intact males?

Today a German Shepherd showed up at my house. He was running around the front yard, sniffing around. I quickly put Aura in my bedroom and then walked out side and he came running to me. He was very excited and foaming at the mouth but he was just excited (not rabid).

He had a collar but no tag. I was just about to head out and around town so I figured I would take him with me in case anyone was searching for him. There was definitely someone looking for this handsome guy.


I put him in my fenced in backyard, took a shower, grabbed a leash, and off to the truck we went. One in, his collar started beeping. The beep was in a pattern so I knew his owner must be near. But who was it? I know all of the neighbors and I had never seen this dog before.

I drove a few blocks away and the beeping stopped. I drove past my house and heard the beeping again. The dog’s behavior changed when the collar beeped. Was he trained to come home when the collar beeped? Should I just let him out of the truck?

I drove past my house and the beeping stopped again. Hmm..

I went back towards my place and down a gravel road. I knew there were some homes on it but I didn’t know who lived there. Approaching me was a Jeep Wrangler. A guy rolled his window down and said “I see you have a new friend.” lol

I asked “You looking for this guy?” He said “yes.”

It turns out the dog was only a few hundred yards from home.

I asked if he was 9mos old or so. I was close, it would turn out the pup was 7mos old.

I am guessing he was looking for Aura. Aura was spayed this year and not in heat, but apparently …. something attracted him.

Can a spayed German Shepherd attract males?

I was just typing this story and unsure what to title this article when this question crossed my mind. Something attracted this boy. Was it just by chance that he was a GSD? Or did it have to do more with him being intact?

At 7mos old, he is too young to be neutered. But, I do recall he was very excited. He even had “red rocket”, if you know what I mean… But, I guess some male dogs just get that when they are happy / excited.

I may never know.

Anyhow, the dog’s name is Schaffer. Maybe I will see him again sometime.

german shepherd Schaffer


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