What Kind of Dog was in “Big Jake”? Was it a German Shepherd?

What Kind of Dog was in "Big Jake"? Was it a German Shepherd?

The dog in this Western Movie starring John Wayne was a “Rough Collie”. In the movie, the dog’s name is “Dog”. “Dog” is killed by a bad guy with a machete at the end of the movie. In real life, the dog’s

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C Litter Update – 16 Days Old

C Litter Update - 16 Days Old

Happy New Year! All of these pics below were taken late at night 1/1/2015. The pups are trying to walk! They take a step, wobble, and tip over. Their back teeth are in and it won’t be long til the front teeth

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Meet the Midwoofs

Yes, we have midwoofs here! These puppies don’t deliver themselves! Here they are, in alphabetical order, Amber & Vanessa! Left is Amber Parnell. In addition to being a veterinary technician and midwoof you can find her selling cool nail accessories, as she

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C Litter Update – Pregnant Aura

Aura is doing great! For the VERY curious, I just put up a complete update called how to tell if your GSD is pregnant. Please note that it is an informational article and parts of it are gross, so feel free to

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German Shepherd Breeders in NC

So, you are looking for German Shepherd Breeders in NC. Let this be a step by step how to guide to finding the best breeders in  North Carolina. It also has some of my opinion mixed in with it, so please take

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Leland NC Puppy Mill Bust August 2012

Atrocious living conditions. Cockroaches crawling on puppies. 100+ tiny dogs in a trailer in 100+ degree temperatures with no power. Disgusting! Whoever did this needs to be left alone with some dog lovers for an afternoon. Poodles can be very intelligent, problem

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Well. It isn’t a huge feat, but Aura learned to “shake” this week. It took her about 3 minutes flat to get her paw up for the first time. A couple of 10 minute sessions and she now shakes on command. She’s

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