Meet the Midwoofs

Yes, we have midwoofs here! These puppies don’t deliver themselves!

Here they are, in alphabetical order, Amber & Vanessa!


Left is Amber Parnell. In addition to being a veterinary technician and midwoof you can find her selling cool nail accessories, as she is doing in this picture. And on the right is emergency veterinary technician Vanessa Koliadko, at our place in the middle of the night, holding one of the pups from a last litter about 40 seconds after birth. And yes, they are twins.

Thank you midwoofs!

Complications can arise. Even with all of the preparations that we’ve done, reality is whelping (birthing) puppies is dangerous. Puppies can die. The litter can die. Aura can die. They can all die. Aura could die and leave us with several mouths to feed. Of course, these are worst case scenarios. We’re optimistic, Aura is proven, and have a Grade A+ report card from our friends at NCSU, just sayin’. There is a lot to take into consideration.

Having friends like this on hand greatly alleviates this stress! Umbilical cords sometimes need to be tied off. Sometimes pups need to be scrubbed with a towel and woken up or cleaned off a little if they are coming out rapidly. Sometimes they come out to slow and Aura needs to take a walk or some extra assistance. Aura needs bedding replaced, and vanilla ice cream served to her. She trusts her owner but can get nervous and overly defensive towards others. Pups need collars put on and their weight recorded. There can be boring periods of 1 hour where nothing happens. The list goes on and on. Her A litter was a grueling 14 hour process. Her B litter was done with so fast, we wished it had lasted a bit longer (don’t tell Aura)! The process is mentally and physically draining, just look at what it did to me (below)!

Thank you midwoofs!



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