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Archer Says Happy New Ear!

Archer (from the A litter) sent us an email today to show off his ears. He was one of the big boys from the A litter, the light blue collared pup. His ears have risen! They didn’t come up til 6mos. The

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Archer Phones Home

Archer (formerly known here on the blog as Audo or “light blue collar” from the A litter) phoned home today. He is now a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy. Baby teeth are coming out and ears are getting ready to stand.

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Audo goes to the Beach

We went on vacation last week and Audo, being a typical German Shepherd, said he wanted to go. Taking a puppy on vacation with you can be a real pain, but Audo had fun. He is fully crate trained and doing great.

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