Archer Says Happy New Ear!

Archer (from the A litter) sent us an email today to show off his ears. He was one of the big boys from the A litter, the light blue collared pup. His ears have risen! They didn’t come up til 6mos. The bigger the ear, the longer it takes! I suggested they intervene with some $20 ear inserts but there was no need. Archer was an awesome puppy, and the one we almost kept ourselves, that we referred to as Audo on here a few times. We’re ecstatic that his new owners love him so much and have him email us. We’re sure they help him, because German Shepherds do not type very well.

Happy New Ears, Archer!!!!

In case you were wondering, many ears come up in the 3-4 month age range. At 5mos most people get concerned. Ando & Aura have strong ears though, and as you can see, sometimes a big ear can take 6-7months to be fully erect. He’s 7mos here and has a little bit left!




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