Archer Phones Home

Archer (formerly known here on the blog as Audo or “light blue collar” from the A litter) phoned home today. He is now a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy. Baby teeth are coming out and ears are getting ready to stand.

Archer is absolutely fabulous.  We can’t take him anywhere without people fawning over him! We constantly get compliments on him. My husband and I are so amazed at how well behaved he is! He learned so quickly how things go at our house, and he acts like he’s lived here forever. … He really does add so much to our lives. -Archer’s Owner
This. This is what we were hoping for with pups from the A litter. Wow. We were kind of expecting a few people to write in and say something like “This pup whines all night and chews all of our furniture!”, and we’re sure they make plenty of mistakes, but feedback has just been awesome.
Archer has been enjoying long walks, playing with the other dogs at home, visiting horses, meeting children, and just having a great time! Anyways…. On to the pictures!
Archer sleeping with his buddies. Dogs DO take cat naps!
We’ve always been in awe with the paw. Look at that thing!
Archer sleeping on his back. We hear that he likes the cool floor!



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