Mustache Snapchat Dog Filter and How To Use It

In February 2019 Snapchat rolled out a new dog filter which adds a big mustache to your canine. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open snapchat and find the “mustache” dog filter
  2. Get your dog to hold still and point your phone at them.
  3. If your dog won’t hold still, hold a treat above the phone so they focus on it.
  4. When the mustache appears, take your snap!

Here’s what a successful snap of our German Shepherd Dog, Aura, looks like with the mustache filter applied:

Get more Snapchat dog filters

After users repeatedly tried to use lenses and filters on their cats and dogs, Snapchat finally began offering these filters for pets which may be identified by the little paw icon on the filter. To learn more, check out our article How To Use Snapchat Dog Filters on Your Dog.

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