Maryland Law Not Enforced? No Jail Time for “Worst Case of Animal Cruelty” Ever.

Maryland Law Not Enforced? No Jail Time for “Worst Case of Animal Cruelty” Ever.

Linda Brown is out of court and has informed reporters she will be breeding again.

What happened?

In case you weren’t aware, Linda Brown is the owner of Jolindy’s German Shepherds in Princess Anne, Maryland. She is most known for selling a German Shepherd to Joe Biden and being arrested for animal cruelty.

According to 47 ABC News, Somerset County officials say was the worst case of animal cruelty that they have ever seen. In total, 40 dogs were rescued by officials who state the house was covered in so much urine and feces that it stung their noses. Officials state that the dogs were living in “deplorable conditions without regular access to clean water or food”.

No jail time

Apparently Linda Brown made a deal. Instead of being jailed for 14 counts of animal cruelty, she plead guilty to 3 counts and was ordered to have her 4 personal dogs spayed or neutered. Additionally, she gets 3 years of unsupervised probation.

She told reporters that she took the deal to avoid jail time and that she will be breeding again even if it means moving out of the State of Maryland.

Maryland laws not enforced?

Some say that Maryland encourages animal abuse. Other infamous cases include the 100+ horses which were rescued where conditions were so poor that dozens of dead horses lay decaying in the yard, and the Pomeranian farm where 300 dogs were removed.

Due to the negative press, Biden adopted his most recent German Shepherd.

What do you think?

Is Maryland encouraging animal abuse?

Should people guilty of animal abuse actually get prison time?

What can we do to reduce animal abuse in the USA?


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