Week 5 German Shepherd Puppy Update – Image Heavy

Well, here we are. Week 5 is upon us. The German Shepherd pups have been on Royal Canin MAXI Starter this last week, and eating a lot of it. The puppies are starting to change from sleepy babies into characters. And here they are, one by one, in no particular order:

Here’s yellow! He’s going to be a great companion. He follows us everywhere and is very curious.
Ada vom Hektor Haus. Ada was the first born. Ada means first daughter.
The brown collared puppy. He is just a giant. Hopefully he doesn’t get to be “oversized”. Our guess is that he is going to be very healthy and large.


The black collared puppy. He is another big male and just a well rounded pup.


We woke up Adele from a nap. She is obviously still tired. She is going to be an excellent companion.


dk blue
Here is the dark blue collared pup. He is usually under the radar and sleeps a lot. But he is definitely expressive and will be a very good dog.


Here is the green collared puppy. He is right in the middle. Not shy, not overly aggressive, but ready to play when the others are, and definitely a very hungry pup.


light blue
Here is the light blue collared puppy. He is always beating up his brothers and sisters and wrestling. He’s going to have drive and will require a lot of exercise and should be trained by someone with some experience. He will be an excellent dog.


Here’s the red collared puppy. He is a very sweet pup. He may end up a little on the lighter side. He is perfectly healthy, he just nibbles on his food here and there while his brothers and sisters attack it, so he’s had a bit of special attention.






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