Watch This German Shepherd Reunite with Soldier

The armed forces is a unique and honored career for anyone, but it is hard work. Being deployed makes it even more difficult especially when you get deployed and have to be away from family and loved ones. Major Bill Hotopp left for his final tour of duty several months ago. When he returned home, he received the ultimate in homecoming hugs and kisses from everyone around him. They could not compare with the “welcome home” from his two-year-old German Shepherd, Doc.

Major Bill Hotopp is a dedicated serviceman with 32 years in the National Guard. He lives in a small town in Illinois, and when not involved in service work, you’ll find him in his law office where he is a practicing attorney as his second career. He completed eight tours of duty in the National Guard, and during that time, he has earned a large variety of awards and medals including a Medal of Valor and a Purple Heart.

The Dog of a Major

According to kiiitv, the Major and Doc met two years ago through a highly-qualified dog breeder who has a unique practice of allowing her puppies to do the deciding on if they want to go home with the prospective parent. When the puppy and the new owner are introduced, she looks for a special bond between the two. Is the puppy “taking a liking” towards this new person that wants to adopt?

The breeder won’t pair them unless the bond is there. How great is that idea? With Hotopp and Doc, they passed the test with flying colors and have spent every day together up until the Major was deployed.

Major Bill made sure that Doc was well-taken care of while he was away, so he took him to friends, family and a dog trainer for the month. Not sure why his BFF had left him, Doc waited and waited and waited hoping that he would return soon. The month dragged for this two-year-old puppy.

Finally, it was time for the Major to come home, and when he arrived in town he went straight to the home where Doc was staying.

As he walked in the door, he received hugs and kisses from his family who was glad to see him come home, but when Doc saw his long-lost owner walk through the door, that was it!

Doc ran full-speed into the Major’s outstretched arms, and the two were united again like two young lovers who had been separated for some unknown reason. Doc jumped up to Bill’s shoulders, and then fell on the floor again spinning around in circles from the excitement. He wagged his tail and yelped with total happiness! Major Hotopp couldn’t get a word in – Doc had missed his buddy so much! And now he was home! A man and his dog are reunited! Could life get any better?!


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