How To Train Your German Shepherd to Ring a Bell to go Outside

If you attach a bell to the door that leads to the outside of your home, your German Shepherd will eventually figure out that they can ring it to get your attention to go outside. Some people like to accelerate the process with verbal praise or incentives such as treats.

The steps to teach your German Shepherd to ring a bell are very simple:

  1. Hang a bell from your doorknob.
  2. Whenever your German Shepherd needs to go out, ring the bell before or while you open the door.
  3. Eventually they will ring the bell on their own.
  4. Reward them when they ring the bell.

The younger the dog the faster they’ll learn this. Some dogs have been trained a “touch” command and you can ask them to touch the bell.

With my dog, Aura, I showed her the bell and rang it when I opened the door. She didn’t get it, and she really doesn’t like most noises. But, after I left it on the door for a few months, she eventually got it all on her own!

By the bell my German Shepherd uses from via Amazon Prime here:

Here’s a video of Aura ringing the bell: