Tethered German Shepherd Dogs in the News

tethered GSD

People are some of the sickest creatures in the universe.

The Japanese are sailing around the ocean killing whales.

Poachers in Africa kill elephants for their tusks.

And in the USA there are people who put German Shepherds on chains.

There is absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind that a dog confined to a chain would be better off shot in the head.

After witnessing first hand just how extremely intelligent the German Shepherd Dog is, it is just mind blowing to me that someone would tether it, or how such disgusting and inhumane behavior is tolerated in a civilized nation.

Tethered shepherds = abuse.

By definition, abuse means to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way. And a tethered Shepherd will absolutely be harmed and injured by being tethered.

Just because the dog’s owner doesn’t think so or it isn’t against the law doesn’t not make it abuse. If the law says otherwise, it is incorrect. A GSD forms a deep bond with their owner, just as a child does with their mother. Can you imagine chaining a baby outdoors and denying it their mother? In addition to the psychological trauma, neck and spine trauma, a GSD needs exercise, without it, it will lead to severe physical and especially mental trauma. Can you imagine being denied exercise? The physical and mental abuse of not being able to move is horrendous.

“Yard ornament” doesn’t even do this situation justice.

List of German Shepherd Dogs in the news

As I discover victimized German Shepherds in the news I will link to them below for awareness.


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