Snapchat Filter Puts a Bag on Your Dog’s Head

A new Snapchat filter released in February 2019 allows you to snap a picture of your cat or dog with a bag on its head.

I can’t say I understand the point of this but I did go ahead and use the filter on my German Shepherd, Aura.

Here’s Aura using the new Snapchat bag filter:

To trigger the filter, just scroll to the bag filter. You can tell that this is a filter that works on dogs because it has the paw beside it. Once you locate the filter, point your phone at your dog. Your dog will need to hold still for a second or two and the filter will appear, giving the appearance of your pet having a bag on their head.

Why is there a bag on my dog’s head?

Maybe I am out of the loop and there is a new movie out called “bagheads” or something – to be honest – I have no idea. If you know why Snapchat is using this weird filter please let the world know in the comments below.


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