Skyla the German Shepherd Poisoned in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England

The Woodman family has experienced the worst of what could be called “bad neighbor behavior” when their family dog, Skyla, was almost killed from eating an unknown meat packet that she found in the backyard. After taking their beautiful, friendly, jet-black German Shepherd to the vet after she almost died, they discovered that she had ingested rat poison that had been wrapped into a packet of sausage.

The Woodmans and their three children live in Lovedean in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England, and the trip to the vet cost over £200, or $270, which they hadn’t planned for right after Christmas. Gavin and Samantha told reporters that they can’t imagine who would do this cruel thing, and they were concerned about the emotional effect it was having on their family despite the cost of the vet bill. Pet owners consider their pets, both dogs or cats, a part of the family, and Skyla is a beloved part of the Woodman family.

Gavin found the first packet of meat in the garden, half-eaten. He could see the pink pellets of the rat poison that had been embedded into the sausage and deliberately thrown onto their property. Skyla became extremely sick from this evil person’s actions. Since the first packet, there have been three more rat poison-laden meat packets thrown into their backyard in two days. Luckily, Gavin found these before Skyla.

The family does not know who is targeting their innocent dog; they told reporters that Skyla is not the kind of dog who stays outside and barks all day. Gavin Woodman owns a cleaning and maintenance firm, and he said they’d like to know who was doing these cruel acts, but, “we just want our dog to be okay.” Skyla is starting to play again with the kids, and I would say she is about 60 percent recovered.”

This intrusion on their property has awakened the Woodmans to the fact that they need to do what they can to protect the children and their home. Gavin stated,”This incident has been an invasion of our privacy and personal safety.”

To prevent a similar incident from happening, Gavin says that he is considering putting cameras around their house and property. He warns others to routinely check their gardens and bushes and to keep your eyes open for strangers hanging around on your street or near your home.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, anyone found purposefully poisoning any type of animal may endure an £20,000, or $27,100, fine and/or prison. The Hampshire Constabulary reports that inquiries are still in progress in this case.


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