Should I Shave my German Shepherd?

No, you should not shave a German Shepherd unless it is for a health or medical reason, such as shaving a hot spot to treat it. Except for humid climates, their undercoat keeps them cool and shedding is best managed by brushing.

Most people asking if they can shave their German Shepherd are worried about their dog being too hot or unhappy with the extreme amount of hair the dogs leave around their house. So, let’s talk about how to fix these two legitimate concerns.

Is my German Shepherd too hot?

German Shepherd Dogs have two coats of hair. They have a thick undercoat, and they also have an outer coat. The undercoat help keeps them cool (read more about humidity below). It’s basically like insulation, like you have in the attic and walls of your house. Indeed, their coat can become too “hairy”, but properly grooming your shepherd will keep them happy and cool.

  • Properly maintained, your dog’s coat protects them from the sun and keeps them cool.
  • If their hair and undercoat is impacted, in doesn’t vent properly and also traps the sun’s heat, making your dog extremely hot. Proper grooming will fix this.
  • Shaved, double coated dogs may be exposed to harmful sunlight and also not be able to cool properly.

I’m tired of cleaning up dog hair.

Well, they aren’t called “German Shedders” for nothing. Properly grooming your German Shepherd will minimize the amount of dog hair left blowing around your house like a tumbleweed.


If it is hot and humid in your area, you may need to shave your German Shepherd.

This totally contradicts what most people say about their double coat. Well, most people are an echo chamber.

Ask any veterinarian in Houston Texas about the hot, humid days of summer.

Additionally, some medical procedures require some shaving, such as treating hot spots.

What if I shave my German Shepherd anyways?

Well, that’s up to you. Just be sure they don’t get bit by mosquitoes or injured by the sun. Ans, beware that they’re going to look like this:

Image credit: My Furry Friends.

Please comment below if you’ve shaved your German Shepherd Dog.

We would like to hear from you. Please let the world know if it went well and if you’d do it again or not.


  1. Will their hair grow back to be the original color or will their coat always look like that?

  2. We had to shave a bit of the hair on the shoulder area of our shepherd when he got some hotspots treated early this summer. Hair grows back slowly but loos like the coloring will stay consistent with the previous coat- and hopefully blend in and lengthen over time

  3. Hey ! So my vet or his assistant shaved a part of my German shepherds back because of an allergy reaction and we are treating it right now , how long is my dog going to have her hair back from that spot ? I’m so scared 🙁

  4. We have a long haired German shepherd and his skirt around hind legs are like fairy floss. Very pretty but under all that there are a lot of matts. I have just spent the last hour trying my best to comb it all out, but it is no longer possible as I have a bad back and I Will be walking around like a? For the rest of the day or week if I try to continue. He was also getting very sick of it. He is my husband’s dog but grooming for him is just making his Facebook pretty. If nothing else I would like to shave that skirt right off and let it start again. Thoughts? Are there any kind of products where I can make it not so fairy flossy?

    • Sorry, not Facebook pretty, that was meant to be face look pretty☺️

  5. My german sheperd had bilateral ACL surgery in May 2017 and the hair on her back legs has still not fully grown in. Her legs had very little hair growth the first 12 months and only after her diet was changed to a prescription brand to treat an intestinal issue did the hair begin to grow back.

    She is still beautiful!

  6. yes she loves it. We take protection against sun and mosquitoes.I see no reason not to other than it is a huge,huge job to shave LOL

  7. My GS puppy had to shave her hair today regarding some pugs on her skin and i am so scary of how much would it take to grow back

  8. I have 2 long haired German Shepard’s. One is longer r and thicker. .The shedding has become really bad on the long haired dog. Brush both of them. I do brush them but this summer seems to be worse. I am worried about them overheating.

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