Can German Shepherds Eat Raw Eggs?

Raw chicken eggs from a trusted source are safe for German Shepherd Dogs to eat. They’re very digestible and full of amino acids, vitamins and nutrition. I have fed my shepherds raw eggs at breakfast time for 15 years.

Salmonella, E. Coli, biotin deficiency oh my!

I have my own flock of chickens here which consists of a dozen healthy chickens. They do not have salmonella, nor are they infected with E. coli. Even if they were infected, sick chickens, the chances of him or her contracting E. coli or Salmonella would be extremely rare. German Shepherds have short digestive tracts and acid filled stomachs and can kill or pass most bacteria before they can get sick.

As for biotin deficiency,  according to Dr. Bruce Syme, you’d need to be feeding about 8 to 10 eggs per day to create what is an extremely rare condition.

It shouldn’t be their only food

I wouldn’t go cooking your pup an omelette every morning, your shepherd needs a well balanced diet. I sometimes have an extra egg yellow in the morning and throw it on my shepherd’s breakfast (dog food) to spice it up a bit for her.

I used to make my last German Shepherd’s food, and I crushed up the shells for her, too.


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