Quasi The Great – a German Shepherd with Short Spine Syndrome

quasi german shepherd

“Quasi The Great” is a German Shepherd named after Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, due to his short spine. This dog suffers from a very rare disease called Short Spine Syndrome.

What is short spine syndrome?

In dogs, Short Spine Syndrome is a severe shortening of the vertebral column or spine due to the compression of vertebrae.

The syndrome only affects approximately 15 dogs world wide, of which, many dogs are greyhounds. Dogs with this syndrome have vertebrae which remain mostly in their cartilage form instead of hardening to form bone.

This results in compressed vertebrae. Since the vertabrae is compressed the spine is shortened. Some vertebrae may even fuse together, leading to stiffness in what would normally be a very flexible dog. The dog’s neck and tail will likely be impacted by this as well, and dogs may also be lacking ribs.

About Quasi

Quasi’s history is unknown. He was found in Kentucky as a stray. In the video below, Secondhand Hounds says that they had to capture him with a live trap as he was skittish. These days, Quasi is enjoying life!

Quasi has a Facebook fan page here. And of course, here is Image credit for the above image. You may also want to see this news article about Quasi.


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