What Should I Name My German Shepherd Puppy?

To me, naming a puppy is a piece of cake and takes only a few moments. Here’s how I do it.

What Should I Name My German Shepherd Puppy?

Many German breeders traditionally name puppies from the first litter a name beginning with an “A”. Puppies from the second litter’s names will begin with “B”, and pups from litter 3 (or the “C Litter”) will start with a “C”. Use a German name beginning with one of these letters to get a great name for your German Shepherd Puppy.

Click here for a full list of German Shepherd Names.


  • German male names beginning with an “A”: Abelard, Adal, Armand, Amell, Axel.
  • German female names beginning with an “A”: Adele, Aili, Alice, Arleigh.

My girl “Fina” was from a sixth litter from a breeder and naming her was very easy. I wanted a female “F” name and I personally like one or two syllable names, but that’s just a personal preference. My options were quickly narrowed down to Fredda, Fina, Fritzi or Felda.

Of course, you are free to name your puppy whatever you’d like. If they already have a name, feel free to change it, German Shepherd Dogs are pretty smart and will pick up on the new name in no time.