Best Desensitizing Sounds for German Shepherd Puppies

Many pet parents and animal behaviorists recommend desensitizing puppies to certain sounds. When I raised my pups, they were raised indoors. We have a busy house with kids in it and the pups were near the TV. But a lot of pups are raised in a kennel and have never heard the sounds of a house before.

One very popular and commonly recommended audio CD is called Calm Pet – Desensitizing Sounds for Animals, Volume 1.

You can hear audio samples or buy this on Amazon via my affiliate link here:

This album is available as an app on your phone or via CD. Sounds it covers include:

  • Fireworks, crowds
  • Thunderstorms
  • Car engine noises
  • Traffic, city sounds
  • Traffic, country road
  • Traffic, highway sounds
  • Urban road sounds
  • Airplane noises
  • Crying babies
  • Dog sounds and barking
  • Cat noises
  • Door knocking and doorbell sounds
  • Vacuum cleaner and washing machine sounds
  • Hair dryer and hair clipper sounds