B Litter Puppy Update 1-2-2014

Happy New Year!

The B litter now has half of the living room to themselves. We take 1 or 2 out to play with and cuddle with here and there. Personalities are starting to emerge but this is still such a well rounded litter. We’re running them outdoors after every nap and every meal at this point to minimize cleanup and give them an awesome head start on potty training. The pups have a natural desire to keep their potty out of their area, we’re just helping them achieve that.

One of the girls seems to have long hair. She also happens to be the largest puppy in the litter. Long hair is a disqualification in the show world although she is absolutely an awesome, healthy puppy no matter how you look at it! We were able to get this shot of her yesterday below.

More updates coming soon!



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