GSD Puppies, June 22, 2013, 3 weeks, first worming

Today the puppies are 3 weeks old. They are all around 3lbs, and some of the boys are 3.5lbs. As seen in the picture, they are getting wormer.

During gestation Aura received wormer as well, and at 2 days after whelping, and again 2 weeks after whelping.

We picked up Strongid-T from the vet yesterday and that is what they are receiving in the picture. We go in from the side of the mouth and inject very slowly. The puppy’s bottom is facing he floor. After just 1 or 2 drips of it their tongue will start licking and they will swallow it up. It must taste good, but we’ll just keep on assuming that! 🙂 Our vet prescribed 1ml per 10lbs of body weight, so a 3lb pup gets 0.3ml. (Please do not take our word on this and check with your local vet before giving your pup wormer.)

You can ask 10 different Vets which wormer to use and when to give it and you might get 10 different answers. We ran our vet’s suggestion by the Doctors at NCSU and they were happy but did offer some different suggestions once the pups were in week 6. Anyways, for now, at week 3, 4, 5, they’ll be getting Strongid-T. Week 6 is to be determined.




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