Previous pups, all grown up!

We have a lot of pics here! We just grabbed a few today that we quickly saw in our inbox to share.

Recently quite a few people have asked us what the adults will look like and weigh. Basically, just like mom and dad we expect most females to come in around 70 – 75 and males around 90ish. As for looks, no idea, but, we definitely love every single pup that has left here and they all have their own beautiful features.

As a note, breed standard is 71 female, 90 male (maximum)- any larger and you begin to increase the risk health issues. This is the size the GSD was meant to be. And, at this size, these dogs are BIG.

Aura is 71 when she is in good shape. She takes it pretty easy around here these days though, so she usually weighs in a little over 75.

You may also be interested in seeing what the B litter looked like at 6-7 weeks of age.

“Fenway”! We love his mask.


“Riley”! He is an awesome pup. We were very tempted to keep him!
Adele! From the A litter. Adele’s parents are GSD lovers, and it looks like Adele is a snow lover like her mom!
“Agnes” – I think she is mid-tail-wag here- she looks pretty happy!
“Queen Maebh”! She always looks so happy. This is the Orange girl from the B litter.
“Aurora” “Light Green” from the B litter. Another beautiful GSD.
“Miller” and his best friend



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