Dangerous Pit Bulls Viciously Attack Florida German Shepherd on Camera

A man in Escambia Florida was in for a terrible surprise in September 2018 when a pack of out of control pit bulls charged onto his property and viciously attacked his older German Shepherd.

Nadia the German Shepherd had multiple puncture wounds and her ear was almost torn off.

On the video, you can see owner Mike Ruzicka bravely punching the wild pack of pit bulls in an attempt to get them to stop chomping on his innocent dog. Thankfully, a neighbor ran over and began beating the animals with a 2×4.

Hopefully these dogs will be destroyed immediately and criminal charges will be filed.

The video may be seen here on WEARTV along with a news story explaining that the owner of the pit bulls has had dogs confiscated and put down before. Obviously, his training program isn’t getting his dogs any awards…

Strict Liability in Florida

If you’re ever attacked by a dog in Florida be sure to seek compensation from the owner. An attorney can assist you if needed in coming up with a number for compensation which covers medical bills, future bills and any other compensatory damages.

Florida Statute 767.04 clearly explains that Florida is a strict liability dog bite state. That means that dog owners are 100% responsible for their dog’s actions. Should their dogs attack someone who isn’t trespassing on their property, they are liable for any and all damages.

Be sure to hold negligent and reckless dog owners accountable.


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