Pictures of the “red” German Shepherd Puppy

Red is going home soon and today we had him out and about. (If you haven’t been following the blog, we refer to the pups on this website via their collar color- his is red). He was also referred to as “Abe” on this site as well- he was going to be named “Abe”, but the buyer had to back out due to unexpected work related travel. They almost quit their job when learning that they’d be traveling so much!

He is turning out to be very sweet and affectionate and curious to know where we’re going all the time.

We’ve monitored him closely and it turns out he’s needed no help from us at all. We went by the vet and he is in excellent condition and is going to make a great companion!

Anyways, by popular request, here are some pictures of “red” from this morning’s adventures!

He’s been practicing walking on a leash the last couple of days. After a long walk around the yard, he needed to sit down for a second. He seems to be happy to be mastering this new skill!
The rest didn’t last long… Here he is wrestling with big brother!
Here we are at the local feed store. He’s staring right at the toys!
Here he is meeting the rabbit at the feed store. This rabbit is like a dog! He roams around the store and has his own crate and bathroom area and doesn’t seem to mind dogs. Red is very curious to meet and sniff this new creature!




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