Pete the Lost German Shepherd in Independence MO goes Viral

William Davis from Kansas City Missouri has been looking for his lost German Shepherd, Pete.

I don’t know how you lose a German Shepherd. I can’t get mine out of eye sight! She is always within 8′ of me. But, it happens. Here’s one I found just a few months ago.

Anyways, here’s Pete:


The viral story goes like this:

Will saw a GSD up for adoptionat Great Plains SPCA. He raced to the facility, but was too late.

Pete was gone!

Will thought that his German shepherd dog was wrongly adopted out to another family.

Apparently, Will may be mistaken. It appears that the GSD adopted out was a different age and may not have been Pete.

KMNB covered the story here, which reads “When William Davis said he thought his German shepherd dog was wrongly adopted out to another family, his Craigslist post about it spread wildfire”.

The original Craigslist posting

As located here,, reads:

To the people who adopted a male German Shepherd 6 days ago from the Independence Animal Shelter on 78 Hwy:

His name is Pete and I lost him on 10/10/15. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he is my very best friend and I miss him so much. My friends and I have been looking for him ever since he disappeared from my home.

He was with me 24/7 except when I had to work in a dangerous area–on those days he stayed with a dog sitter. The day he disappeared, he jumped the fence and took off looking for me. I assumed someone picked him up. We’ve been searching adamantly ever since. Today a friend tcalled and told me to check out the Craigslist notice for a found Sheperd in Indep. As soon as I saw the picture in that ad I immediately left work, drove to the shelter, and my heart sank when the staff told me he had been adopted by a family 6 days earlier.

I’m writing this because the shelter will NOT give me ANY information on the adopting family. I’m praying that the family will see this and contact me. I will more than gladly compensate the family for any monies that were spent in the adoption process as well pay for adoption fees to get you another pet plus any other costs associated with caring for Pete.

I miss him and think about him every day. He IS my best friend–please let him come home.

P.S. He only chases cats–he won’t hurt them.

Please contact me…please! My name is Will.

If you have seen Pete

Contact Will!


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