Who is the German Shepherd is on Jones Root Beer?

I was wandering around my local Harris Teeter today grabbing some wild caught salmon, Haufman’s Coneys, Baskin Robin’s ice cream and other misc, hard to find items and I stumbled upon a large display of Jones Soda.

On it, at the top, was a beautiful German Shepherd on a Jones Soda Root Beer package.

jones soda gsd

Of course, I had to know more.

This was just hours after another German Shepherd was scratching at my door trying to get into my house!

Anyways, after looking over the package I realized that the soda company lets fans upload images and sometimes selects images to print on their packaging. How cool is that?! But, I still didn’t know who the German Shepherd was on the Jones Soda package.

Below the image was an autograph which I made out to be Rainee Colacurcio. A quick Google search turned up Rainee’s Twitter @Rainee050311 and Instagram raineelc. Another minute of poking around and I discovered that her beautiful Shepherd is named Paisan. Rainee sells awesome photos over here on crated. Buy one! Check out the social profiles for more awesome pics of her photogenic hounds.

Have you seen any dogs on Jones Soda products?

You can submit your own photos at the Jones Soda Gallery here.


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