Pennsylvania Pup “Nakita”, a German Shepherd, Rides a Motorcycle

Motorists and onlookers in Alle-Kiski Valley, Pennsylvania area often turn their heads to gawk when they see Paul Caldwell ride by on his 1998 red Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. While the bike would be enough to make some people turn and look, the real reason that most look is that sitting behind Paul is a 3-year-old German Shepherd named Nakita.

Paul says that he started teaching Nakita to ride his motorcycle when she was just a pup. At that time, Paul had another older German shepherd that would ride behind him. Then, Nakita would ride in front of him. When the other dog passed away, Nakita started riding behind him. Paul says that the dog has probably logged close to 3,000 miles.

He makes sure to protect Nakita’s eyes with her very own goggles before taking off. Nakita sits against a customized backrest and she always has at least one paw on Paul’s shoulders while the duo cruise down the highway. Paul says that while they have many people ask them about the dog, it is legal in Pennsylvania to ride this way. In fact, Paul says that police officers have been known to film them while they are riding.

While Paul says some people have expressed concern about why the dog is not tied down, Paul says he believes it is safer for the dog to not be fastened to the bike. Then, if something happens, the dog has the opportunity to jump off the bike or may be thrown clear.

Additionally, Paul says that he is often asked if his wife gets jealous of the dog. He says his wife has no problems with it, and she rides with Paul about 50 percent of the time. In fact, Paul says he has to admit that he thinks his wife loves when he takes the dog instead of her sometimes because it gives her a little alone time.

If you find yourself gawking in amazement in Pennsylvania at a dog riding a motorcycle, there is no need to wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. Instead, just give Paul and Nakita a friendly wave as you pass them.

Photo credit goes to the embedded Facebook video.


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