Merry Christmas from the C Litter puppies

Here’s Aura and her pups!

dec 25 2014

Today, December 25, 2014, the puppies are 9 days old. They are growing like weeds. We have to make their collars a bit bigger every day at this point.

Aura is recovering nicely! I hadn’t posted much about it but she was definitely in a recovery phase after this litter. A few days ago we had cooked her up boiled chicken and rice- she went crazy over it! While there is nothing wrong with her we could tell that it definitely made her feel better. She is eating enough for 3 dogs lately. She has been producing an enormous amount of milk, too. These puppies are very well fed!

She leaves the whelping box for a few minutes here and there- she’s never more than a few feet away. The pups are used to her coming and going; when she gets up they simply go to sleep.

She is still extremely protective of the pups at this point. We had a family member over here this morning- they stayed in the den near the entrance to our home. Aura barked and growled and I had to stay with her 10 – 15 minutes to make sure she stayed in the living room. This is pretty normal for her- while she has a great temperament and can play at the playground with random children she does not want anyone near the pups at all (other than us).

The pups are extremely cute- we occasionally take one out and set it on our lap.




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