Merry Christmas – The B Litter Boys

Merry Christmas from Hektor Haus!

It has been a busy week here, we’ve been preparing for all of the family activities and celebrating Christmas. We have had a ton of interest in the pups this week, as of today there are 2 girls and 1 boy available.

Everyone has been asking for more detailed pictures of the pups. We just snapped a few pictures of the boys on a cell phone a minute ago, and they just don’t do the puppies justice. And, they’re still so young, they really all just look so similar right now. We do use the color coded collars to track them and their progress. Of course, this will all be rapidly changing over the next couple of weeks, and we expect to see some variations in personalities around New Years Day.

The A litter- there were some clear differences. There were 9 pups, 7 of which were boys, and a couple of them were a little smaller, 1 was huge, etc. – on this litter, they’ve just been all so close, great weights, well behaved, etc, it has just been great. These are going to be 7 very well rounded pups.

As of today, Aura has been sitting down and playing with them. They are totally weened, and none of them try to get milk from her anymore. For about a week, whenever they’d try to get milk from her she’d scoot away or run up stairs so they could not get her. But at this point, she can lie down and play with them now. She took a nap by them earlier and a few of them cuddled up beside her for heat (even though it’s 70 in here).

Anyways, on to the boys… Please note that iwe took these pictures at 10:30PM w/ a cell phone, so they are not great pictures and the colors did not come out that well. We’ll get better images of all 7 shortly.

This is the green collared boy. We just woke him up for this picture.
Red collared puppy. He also was just woken up.
dark blue
The dark blue collared puppy. He’s kind of on his back here wondering what the heck is going on.

So, again, we’ll get better pictures soon. We had several people asking for some more detailed male pictures, and here they are.

More coming soon!




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