Manifest Episode 1 “Pilot” – Were the German Shepherds Talking?

The NBC TV show “Manifest” came out 9/24/2018. The first episode was called “Pilot” and it’s about an airplane that hits some turbulence. However, when it lands the ride is just beginning. The passengers thought they were gone for 3 hours, but they had really gone missing for over 5 years.

Of course, there’s lots of drama. People’s significant others have moved on, kids have grown up, people have held funerals for the missing and more. To top it off, the people on the airplane now have superpowers, or at least, some kind of ESP.

The main character, “Michaela Stone” (Melissa Roxburgh) and her brother Ben are hearing their own voices in their head. At one point, the voice is saying “Set Them Free” and they’re led to a gate with German Shepherds behind it. Yes, if you were wondering what kind of dogs were in the first episode of “Manifest”, those are German Shepherds.

When Michaela arrives at the fence where the Shepherds are, Ben shows up behind her and they realize they aren’t crazy. They cut the chains keeping the Shepherds penned up. Once they do that, the Shepherds sit awkwardly before running off.

The next day, Miachela and her police officer partner return to where the Shepherds were let lose to apologize when she begins hearing the voices again. She follows her voice and it becomes louder. She moves around the property until finding a locked shed with the Shepherds sitting in front of it. When she approaches, the guard dogs leave and she uses a pipe to beat the lock off of the shed. In the shed were two kidnapped girls who are let free and everyone is happy.

While it was her voice in her head, it isn’t clear why she was hearing the voice.

Maybe she hears the voices of German Shepherds? hehe


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