What is the Life Expectancy of a German Shepherd Dog?

On average, healthy German Shepherd Dogs live approximately 9 – 13 years. Some make it longer and many others pass before they are 9.

My last German Shepherd, Fina, lived to 8.5 years of age when one day a tumor cut her life short. She was in otherwise excellent physical condition. Tragically, nothing could be done to help her. The veterinarian and vet tech cried with me when she passed; they knew she was a family member. I don’t think they do that with every dog as they see dogs daily in all stages of life, but many tears were shed when Fina died.


Fina squirming around on her back.

Prolonging the life span of your German Shepherd Dog

Every German Shepherd owner wants to keep their canine companion around as long as possible. Luck is definitely a factor, no matter what the background is on your dog.

A few problems which can cut a German Shepherd’s life short include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Organ Failure
  • Bloat
  • Cancer

It may sound like common sense but key tips for prolonging the life of your German Shepherd include:

  • Regular blood tests
  • Good diet and exercise
  • Healthy teeth (this is the most commonly overlooked factor to a long, healthy life)

Mixed breeds

It is worth pointing out that if a GSD is mixed with a longer-living dog such as a Labrador Retriever, they could live longer (or die sooner). Sable and white-hair dogs do not necessarily live longer than traditional black and tan or black and red German Shepherds though.

How long did your German Shepherd live

If you are reading this and your German Shepherd has passed, please feel free to comment below and let us know how long your German Shepherd lived for. We’d also love to hear your dog’s story, so feel free to email us.


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        John Romza thank you for sharing the awesome life of your pup. May he Rest In Peace. And ignore that guy.

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    • I am sorry for your loss. I had to bury 4 shepherds. I final got another one. She is 1 year 3 mi tha. Her name is Karma. She is beautiful and funny.

      I have only owned German Shepherds.. I love them so much but when they pass it takes it toll on me. I tell myself I can not have another one. But then u get lonely and they cheer me up. This is my only house dog. We now have
      Poisonous toads and that is why she lives I. The house.


    • I am so sorry for your loss

    • just wow,,,, I am so happy to hear someones Gs lived longer than 9 or so,,,,, my girl Jackie is 8 and I don’t think I could handle her dying anytime soon,,,, they are family ,,, usually more than family,,,,, so happy to see some good news,,,,,

      • My name is Sagar and I am staying somewhere near New Delhi area in India.
        I purchased Peggy-my German Shepherd Dog(Female) for INR 5000 in June,2009.
        Now,it’s Sept,2020 and still she is doing fine somehow except the fact that she got some sort of tumor near her right limb which is to be treated every 6 months since past 1 year or so.And the doctors here are saying that she may live for another 2-3 years if treated properly.

        • What kind of treatment, we had to have ours put down because the only treatment our vet offered was amputation – of a front limb.

    • That’s amazing to hear he lived so long! You must have been a great owner looking after him so well. Thanks for sharing your story 😉

    • I am so so so sorry about that. That is reeally sad.

  2. I recently lost my very loved Jack yesterday aged 11, although he was showing his age recently, very suddenly collapsed and when examined by the vet was told he is dying, did not wish to see him suffering or losing his dignity and made the awful decision to let him go to sleep, lost my previous GSD Max at 11 also. Although I do not regret a single day of the responsibility that came with owning these 2 beautiful boys I cannot go through this again!

    • Hi rick, I’m in the same boat, my german shepard just collapsed suddenly 3days ago she is 11years old, I found her in her niche laying on her left side she couldn’t move, 12hours before that she was fine and healthy I’m still in shock, When I saw her like that i started crying, i’m a big guy but my dog is everything to me, she would always make me smile when I see her smiling and enjoying life, anyway, I took her to the Vet he told me she has an infection, 39.7°C fever, and had a tumor in one of her mamels the M5 one, and another tumor inside of her, cancer is a son of a *****, her fever came down now but she is still in the clinic she can’t move just laying on her left side, she gave me joy more that anything in my life, I really don’t know how I can live without her
      I feel you man it’s hard to let your dog go away, i don’t know If I will have the courage to let her go to sleep. It’s like living hell for me right now 😔

      • My heart goes out to you — I’ve been through this several times and it does not get any easier. Every time I have to let one of my GSD go,it breaks me and it takes years for me to get over it. My German Shepherds give me more than most people have ever given me, they are my family. I just want you to know that I deeply understand your pain, your hell. From the bottom of my heart I wish you strength in your sorrow.

  3. Just lost our beloved ‘Miss Berry’. She was 10 and a 1/2 years, so we were surprised and shocked, especially because her two predecessors got to 13 each. Miss Berry had been off her food a little, and was a bit slow this morning. This evening, she lay on her bed in the lounge, took a couple of deep breaths, and she was gone. At least she was in her favourite place, as we stroked her. So quick, and sudden! She was always an enigma.

    • Sad story, Andy. As dog lover, it brings tears. Miss Berry was indeed an enigma to pass this way.

  4. My rocky had to be put to sleep I let him out for his morning toilet and he struggled up the stairs and was in severe pain took him to emergency vets as it was a Saturday I had to use a local emergency vets briar house broadstairs and they gave him two injections and said he should be ok and to try to give him chicken and rice. But sadly he didn’t improve so had to take him to vets now Canterbury the vet examined him and said the prognosis is not good and he is in pain so I had to decide to put my beloved dog rocky to rest he was just 10 years old he was my first dog I got him at the age of six weeks old it was the hardest decision I have had to do he was my shadow literally my best friend is gone r.i.p rocky

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Rocky, I had to put my Oscar to sleep yesterday, he was 10.5 years old, His left ear just starting flopping and he could hear or see properly. He went into a seizure and I took him to the vet. The vet confirmed he had a brain haemorrhage and the quality of life will change if they operated.
      Oscar was a beautiful white GSD and will be deeply missed by my kids and I.
      I felt I made the wrong decision by putting him to sleep but 3 years ago he had a tumour which I had removed and spent a good extra 3 years with him.
      He was an amazing family pet.
      Thank you for your story it made me feel better about my decision.

  5. Mine died last night at 9 and a half, such a beautiful dog, I and my family are devastated. He had bloat, twisted stomach, they operated on him and he later died of a heart attack in the early hours. He was perfectly fine in the morning.

    • My two brother and sister, mitch eight and a half with bloat, lola nine and a half. Losing one dog is horrible but two am still devestated to lose that lovely feeling of happyness with two is the worst thing to happen to me I am a man even my depression was no as bad when mitch and lola were hear, now I cant see hope, I can’t understand cruelty to animals, people say it was only a dog, well they were my life

      • Brian, I feel your pain. We lost our Beautiful German Shepherd Arnold on 21st April. He was only 7 and was my person, he was my shadow and I am so lost without him. He had been fine and I looked after him so well, walked him everyday and always attended to any issues. About six months ago he started to get tired during walks and exhausted after play. Constantly at the vets but the blood tests in January were all good, nothing of concern the vet said. On March 20th he stopped eating his dry food but so did our other dog so I took the premium food back and got a replacement bag but the next day he stopped eating altogether and it was down hill from there. Saw another vet who did blood tests and said his liver was failing. We tried everything but eventually he was not able to eat and it made me so sad, so we had to let him go. He was the kindest, most beautiful soul I have ever had to luck to know. He was an enormous dog but loved puppies and all other dogs, would not fight even if provoked by another dog, he would simply brush them off and come to me. I don’t know how to restart my life without him. They are family. He was around me all the time and every day is such a struggle. I have loved dogs before but the love he gave back was amazing. I feel for you losing both.

        • Annette – so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. My 7 year old Liesel is starting on a similar path, exhaustion with play this summer, past 2 months not eating. At least I can prepare for the end a little.

  6. Our Kojo died August 17, 2018. He was 12 yrs 5 months and 4 days. He died from degenerative myopathy.

  7. My Gypsy died yesterday afternoon with a suspected heart tumour. She was 9 years and 10 months old. For the previous two days, she was breathing hard and seemed despondent. I put it down to our extreme hot and humid weather but, Saturday morning, she wouldn’t get up. By the time I got her to the emergency hospital, she had passed out. They gave her oxygen and while the vet was telling me about the fluid around the heart, which was probably blood from a bleeding tumour, Gypsy started to fail. The vet give her an injection to alleviate her distress and she died within minutes. This all happened within the space of an hour and a half. Her sister and litter mate, Mandy, seems to have settled down, but she is very quiet. She was diagnosed with EPI five years ago, so I imagine her life expectancy will be shortened. I never expected Gypsy to go first and I am heartbroken.

    • So sorry for you loss.. Mine passed July 25th in her sleep. Perfectly fine that day so i thought.. My boyfriend mentioned she had been breathing heavier at night than usual. I assumed at the time it was the 115 heat in AZ…I am finally accepting she is gone and grateful if she had to go, it was while sleeping. Our PitMix went to her collar twice today to smell it. I think he realized today she wasn’t coming back.. Hugs to you….I know how hard it is as i am living it now…

    • Wow this story touches home. I have 2 GS 9years and 3 months old. 2 weeks ago my better shaped one of the two wasn’t acting her crazy fun self. To be safe I took her to the emergency vet before I went to bed as I thought she might be poisoned or something. I found out she had a tumour on her spleen that ruptured and she was bleeding internally for the last 5 hours 🙁 they gave her less the 10% chance of surging the surgery and if she survived the surgery she’d only live days maybe weeks more since she had hemangiosarcoma which is a tumour of the blood vessel and is extremely aggressive. These two girls were my first furbabies and I’m having a hard time accepting she’s gone. It was so fast and I never expected it. When I saw your one pups name is Mandi and that’s my name and I have 2 girls that are litter mates.i dunno it was crazy. Thought I’d share my story of my beautiful Lexi. I miss her so much and feel she was still too young 🙁 eff cancer. Wish there was more options I literally had no choice she was going to die I just had to decide if it would be now With me on a surgery table all alone or in a couple days. I wish I could have done anything to have her here today 🙁

      • Hi Mandy,
        The same thing happened to our 10.8 yr old GS on Feb 19. Just devastated our entire family. We know just how you feel. Just remember all of the good she brought to your life!

      • I had a beautiful boy TJ who had been perfectly healthy I took him for his usual walk on Saturday 5th March and he suddenly collapsed rushed him to the vets where they scanned and took bloods only to discover fluid in his abdomen and around his heart, and the devastating news that he also had a tumour on his heart he was 10 years 8 months and we had to make the decision not to bring him back round, I miss him so much everything just happened so quickly, I still cannot come to terms with not having him with me he was my soul mate knew exactly when I wasn’t feeling right, so in tune with my feelings and loved everyone, my little gentle giant 😢💔💔

        • I know how you feel. My story is posted above and our loss was so sudden too but at the same time traumatic with making choices to try and save him or do what was best for him. I miss Arnold terribly. My life is empty now.

          • These are all very helpful. I keep asking myself what more I could’ve done. My beautiful sweet girl died yesterday at 10.9 years old. She was acting picky with her food but that was nothing too unusual since I have a two year old who loves to slip her food. She also started to act more anxious but I attributed that to age and our home being far more noisy and active with COVID – but she was still very loving and wanted to play. She got a clean bill of health at the vet. I even asked them to check for cancer and blood work given her age – this was some months ago

            Yesterday I went to let her inside the house from the back yard (she loved to spend a couple hours out in the morning) and I found her curled in her dog house on her bed. I tried to wake her but she was gone. I’m so heartbroken and devastated. She would always let me know if she needed something or wanted to come in (we trained her to scratch/knock) if she wanted to come in early. Now I just find myself with a ton of question. I didn’t do an autopsy – I cry at the fact of thinking about that process. As I struggle to stop crying now even though I know she’s at peace.

  8. I lost my beautiful 8 1/2 year old female GSD on Thursday. She seemed healthy, did the same thing as usual, and then went to sleep and didnt wake up. She was a large boned female at 92 lbs. Not overweight…I heard dogs over 90 lbs typically wont make it much passed 8 years. My heart is broken but take comfort in the fact she when peacefully while sleeping and lived everyday happy. She was plagued with every issue GSD’s get when it came to dysplasia, panus, arthritis but she was always happy. I had a male that died of hemangioscarcoma just before 10 years. THink maybe Mox had the same…

  9. My baby girl Skyy was born 11/27/2007 she passed away on February 6, 2019. She had tweeted her back toward the end of 2018 and she had been getting acupuncture and was doing much better but she would feel so good she would forget she had an injury. The disc ruptured causing a blood clot that traveled to her lungs and she had a stroke. My big boy Skipper is currently 13+ years old born March 14, 2005, he has arthritis in both knees and his left hip. He gets acupuncture for the past year and CBD oil which has really helped him tremendously.

  10. MY GSD, Friedel, just passed from Hemangiosarcoma at just over 10 years old. Collapsed, and took to emergency vet, where it was discovered he had blood in his abdomen and was bleeding out. Breathing was also labored, which I had initially put down to being hot in Florida. Was given the choice of either surgery with blood transfusions that he may or may not have made it through – followed by chemotherapy to only had a couple of extra months, or to put him to sleep. Believe in quality of life over quantity, I chose to end his suffering and stayed with him until the vet confirmed no heart beat. Everything just happened so rapidly from what I thought was a healthy dog – to no longer being here.

    • The same thing recently happened to our girl, Tela, at 11 years old. Heartbreaking, and wish we would have known sooner. The vet said those tumors grow quickly and rupture.

    • My 11 year old GSD was diagnosed with the same cancer Sunday. She is still with me, and seems to be doing well, so I am just enjoying my days with her. I have never been so heart broken in my life than when the vet explained why she had suddenly passed out. Even though she is 11, she has always had the energy of a puppy, so I was in total shock to find out she is sick. I’ve been crying for three days, but am happy she is in good spirits. My heart goes out to you. Germans are the absolute best

      • My robber passed away 2 days back due to kidney failure ……he was 6 year old …….but the way he passed away has put a deep mark in my mind,blood vomitting for continuous 5 hours …I find myself very lonely unable to stop myself carrying ….he is very close to me ..life is difficult without him ……unable to understand what to do now RIP robber

        • Sanjay Rai, I hope you are ok, you are not alone in your pain. 6 is very young, my beautiful boy was only 7. It is so hard. I am at a loss as well, my life feels so lonely too as they are wonderful companions, persons, family members and give so much back. I feel like I have lost my child.

  11. Our GSD Gus was just diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. He is just 3 years old. We are treating him with joint meds and pain meds when needed. He is lean\fit and we follow veterinarians advise and avoid jumping and sprinting, we do walk him often to keep the joint moving.
    We have had numerous dogs, various breeds and we feel for each of you. Our dogs and cats have always been part of our family.

    • I’m reading all your stories of your Gsd,tear rolling down my face. Ive a 12yr 7mnths male called rico i got him off someone who hit him, it took a yr for him to trust us he’s my pal unconditional love all the time i dread the day ill be heart broken. His hips are getting bad,, but i will not let him suffer, i couldnt do that bless him

  12. My beautiful caring outstanding German Shepherd dog
    “Harley” went to be with all his friends in heaven at the young age of 8 years young. We had taken him to the Vet on a Friday late about 6:00 pm so his regular Vet was closed, so we had to take Harley to an emergency Vet who knew nothing about him. She had taken 10 x-rays and an ultrasound and could not find anything wrong. What was concerning my husband and I “Harley” just starting to go Pee and # 2 on the floor which he never ever did. The women vet could not find anything wrong and said it could just be a virus. Over the weekend he seemed better but by Monday Night we went back to the Emergency Vet checked
    Him in another room and bought him back and said we have to put him down. She had no IDEA WHAT WAS WRONG with him. I asked her to take blood and she said
    He would need an ultrasound again, by this time there was no money left so I said I have enough for the blood work only SHE WOULD NOT DO IT. Harley passed Sept 2 2019
    Never ever go to Atlantic Emergency on Nova Rd in Port Orange. The Vet must have been about 28 years old
    And had no idea what the hell she was doing. So if you want your beautiful German Shepherd to live DO NOT go there. God Bless all these beautiful German Shepherd
    They are the best Dogs. I’m sorry for your Dog but it’s in the Bible “God knows all creatures birds dogs that fall they came from dust and will go back to dust so you will see
    Him or her again🦊

    • Yes I went to pets at home, they are the pits. I remember a Spanish vet called us in, dog was called Lola she went to inject some crap in to her.i said what are you doing Lola is in for a check up. So any way she looked at her book and saw it was another Lola, she’s same vet who we took mitch in, brown urine she insisted on taking bloods. Mitch was peeing brown urine. Her staff were saying you need to take a sample but she said no. He died in house a week later.they said we did not realise mitch was so ill, well brown urine is a bad sign. Even stevie wonder could have seen it but its usually they take bloods get you to come back. Next time for urine sample it’s about money to them, she did not care my dog died, take care

  13. My husband had a female German shepherd when I met him 4 years ago. Lucy just passed away this morning at 13 years old of kidney failure.

  14. I had to put my GSD down after 14 years. Just made it to his birthday too. Was slowly losing muscle mass in the hind legs. Shots to help his joints gave him another 9 months until he lost the energy to stand. Even held his urine till we could carry him outside. Second dog now in 15 years can’t go through this again.

    • I know how you feel I said that but then u think and say I will get another and you think me no wanting a dog again, but you seem a lovely caring person, dogs need owners like you,the dogs are at rainbow bridge happy they would be happy to see you have gave a dog a chance like you did them.i said I would never get another1 I got two lol pets need people like you, no dog is the same, once all the guilt is away, good luck

  15. Our GSDeez Rio has been an incredible blessing. He started his life with hopes of becoming a K-9 officer but caught an unlucky break when his owner was fired from his job. My wife adopted him when he was just under a year old. I met him when he was 1.5 years old. He had completely rebelled and was as stubborn as the eye can see, always looking to attack small dogs, cats, and anything that had four legs. With some good ole fashioned incentive-based training, he quickly fell in line, allowing our family to get another dog, and even two cats. You could see him looking at the kitties with confusion at first. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to like them, but he saw the love that we had invested in him, and he could tell that we loved those little kitties, so he protected them like they were his own, even allowing them to smack him around a bit. For a breed that is known for their independence, he loves his bitch Diva. She is a Bully/GSD mix, with a heart of a 4-year-old child. Her love for him humbles my wife and I every day. He had a couple of traumatic events in his life. He slipped out of the back of my truck while I was going 45mph. I had his leash tied to the corner of the bed just short enough anticipating that if it ever happened, he wouldn’t get sucked under the truck. My wife had turned around to look at him. Her beauty must have weakened his knees or something because he just plain slipped. I couldnt slam on the breaks for fear of him getting ran over, so I had to make a slower stop than I wanted. He lacerated his hip tissue 14″ and scraped down some of his paws, but no broken bone, only emotional scars. He mellowed out tremendously after that event. Then I tore down an old shed on our property from the previous owners. Diva got into some of the contents while I was working on removing all the stuff in there. She tore open a couple of cans of bait for rats. Of course, Rio thought she was getting an extra meal so he started eating it. In no time he was having seizures, collapsing, breathing terribly. I saw the cans and realized he poisoned himself. They saved him, cost us a small fortune, but, its only money right? That was 5 years ago. Today he is 11.5, and judging by his symptoms, I don’t think he will see 11.75. So heartbreaking.

    • I’ve never seen someone tell a sad story while also flexing they have a hot wife.

  16. I had to white German Shepherd and both lived 10 years. In 2012 got a female solid black long hair Shepherd. Leila was my best friend, loyal and smarter than many humans. Around her 7th birthday I notice a pimple like on her shoulder. Took her to her vet and was told a hair follicle. That eventually was lymphoma cancer and took her life in less than n 4 months. I blame the sprays for bugs they do on Parks. Great, huge loss. Have her partner Judge who is 8 years old and weigh 130 lbs. Big great boy too.

  17. Hi. Sorry to hear about the losses of beloved GSDs on here. One thing to take comfort with is knowing that they Rest In Peace.

    My GSD just turned 15. He struggles to get up as he has arthritis but he’s being supported by zydax and a diet high in glucosamine. It’s been helping.

    Given his age, I wondering how far he might be from becoming the world’s longest living GSD. If there is such an accolade, perhaps I should nominate him for it?

    It’d be great to see him in a world record book of some sort 🙂 Any pointers would be appreciated.


  18. I have read all the stories, and it really helps, as we lost our beautiful boy Bear on Monday night due to bloat, as we drove to get him to the Vets an hours drive a way. We didn’t realize how serious Bloat was, he died on the way. My husband an I are finding it really hard to take the loss, he was 10. We still have his half sister she will be 12 next birthday, it is so hard to accept that he has gone but luckily we have him buried on the farm, so I can go out and talk to him and explain to him what we are feeling. So so sad at the moment.

  19. My beloved GSD died today 12\20\19 around 6am. She was about 13 years old. We gotlt her at 2yr old. she was going to stay with me as her owner went on a trip. But the owner never came to get her ,she stayed with me till this day. All that happend is that she went to sleep overnight and never woke up. She was a very loyal family dog that will be missed by many.

  20. I just lost my large bone GS, Taja, at 15 years and 5 days today. We welcomed her into or lives the first year of our marriage and first born. Losing her is like my married life has change, she was with us since year one. She had hip dysplasia and multiple masses on her shin. She was my very precious guard dog and she did her job untill the end to protect my family. I still can’t feel like what I chose was right dispite having to watch her struggle to stand for breakfast before I went to work this morning. I had to stay and watch; I had to see through the choice we made and I will never forget that event. I miss you Taja, and thank you.

  21. We just lost our beloved Lobo at age 10. He declined suddenly and we discovered he had a mass in his splean that had spread to his heart. It was very tough and will continue to be tough without him. He was a very special dog with a unique personality. He loved everyone, especially my wife Shanda. He was her best buddy and guardian. We miss you lobo.

  22. 16 years so far for our Ruby. Shes been the best puppy for practically my whole life! I think she is mixed with other breeds, but german shepard is the most prominent. Shes had some lung tumor for a while, but shes still kickin.

  23. We lost our beloved Simba on Dec 27,2019. Got her at 6 weeks old and she was just over 9. She was so healthy that our new vet didn’t think she was 7 when she first met her. She had a torn ligament at 8 and made it through the surgery and healing with no problems. Then she had a hematoma on her ear that had to be drained and her poor ear never perked up again. Then at the beginning of December she started limping on her front right leg sometimes, so took her to the vet. It ended up being arthritis with a bone spur. Took home some anti inflammatory meds and after a week she seemed better. Then she stared having trouble with her approach to coming up the stairs, then she was really lethargic, then didn’t really eat unless it was a treat, then start walking in circles and losing her balance. The vet did xrays and ultrasounds and lab work. Everything came back fine. No mass, no blockage, nothing broken, liver and kidneys functioning fine. Urine test had slight levels for possible infection so started on antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. Nothing changed, she got worse. Day after Christmas took her back to vet who gave her meds to relax her cause she was so anxious and kept her overnight because she wasn’t perking up. Got a call Friday that she’s worse which she shouldn’t have been cause they had given her steroids and something else that would of perked her up. We were told she was trying to die. That she possibly had a brain tumor. We didn’t want her to suffer any longer so we said goodbye to her. It’s been so hard, harder than with other dogs that we’ve had that lived longer. For all her hair and water messes and hyper energy when we had none she was the best German Shepard ever!!!

  24. German shepherd’s are wonderful dogs!
    So lost one at 10 half yrs to organ failure had to pts
    My other died suddenly at 8 years & 6 months of a heart attack at home having recently been on steroids for a skin problem that had been sorted whether a connection I don’t know but he was normal leading up that point.
    My other girl was 9 years 4 months died v peacefully at home with us all kidney failure as had been diagonoses a few months earlier she also had very poor digestion & required a special diet & powder from age 4 but was perfectly happy & energetic until her time. Last girl was 11 years 7 months tumour was found a year earlier that spread to another before we had to say good bye & I lasted on the floor at the vets with her while she went to join her friends I just love the breed & have no more Heart left to broken! !
    We currently have a 12 year & 1 month old neutered boy still on his feet he has a good hip score & Dm clear So apart from being slower & some minor issues that don’t need medication he’s all good for now ☺️
    Hugs to you all

  25. I lost my Maxiboy last night. He was 8.5. No idea why. He was a little unwell at Christmas and then came good. Was having a little bit of difficulty getting up. We were going to take him to the Vet tomorrow but he went peacefully in his sleep last night. He was a big guy at 47kg, was a rescue us being his third owners for the last 2.5 years. My heart is broken.

    • I just lost my sweet bot George Bush last night. After a nice day of long walks and a visit from another GSheppard, we found him at the swing that we would relax at. We had no signs of distress. He was 8-8 1/2 yrs old. I believe he died from a silent heart attack. He was an avid runner. I am heart broken. We buried him on the farm below the fig & Apple trees.

  26. We just lost our beloved fur baby, Bentley, on December 21, 2019. He was only 9.5 years old. He had a stroke/seizure 6 months prior and made a full recovery. Then he started having seizures again in December. To say we are heartbroken is an absolute understatement. Miss him terribly every day. He truly was the best. The vet thinks that he he had a brain tumor. 😥

  27. My dog passed away last night suddenly, He’s a GSD/Rottweiler.
    He would of been 10yrs old in December.
    He’s not been himself last couple of weeks, not been eating all his food.bathed him the other day and he was growling at me, which isn’t something he normally does.
    Then last night i made his food around 6, and he just laid there staring at me, i eventually coaxed him in to getting up, but he didn’t eat.
    Then about 7.30 he was banting and puffing his cheeks out.
    The within half hr he had collapsed and gone.
    Now same day around 4 o’clock i had been using spray paint, and was making pirate hat/sword for my son for school.
    I was doing spray painting out side, but some of the fumes managed too get in doors, would that of contributed too his death, or was it due too other issues.
    Heart broken.

  28. I just lost my beautiful GSD on Wednesday Feb 19, 2020. Briana just turned 12 years old on Feb 5, 2020. On October 2019 it was a normal day I was in the dining room. I gave her her favorite treats and l also gave her a small potato because that was her thing to eat since she was a puppy. In less then 5 minutes she was foaming from her mouth I thought she choked from the potato. I rushed her to the vet and found out through X-ray she had a big tumor in the middle of her stomach and it was pushing her other organs to opposite side. The vet did an Ultrasound and it was confirm she had a spleen tumor. He did gave me the option to do surgery but advice me she may not make it do to her age. Briana eventually got better, however she did had 2 more vomiting incidents. On Feb 19 she was okay in the morning. My mother said she was sleeping all day and woke up to eat her food. I took her out to do her doggie business and return back to the house. At 9:30 pm she suddenly had her last vomiting attack. A heavier thick white foam was coming out her mouth. She was whining and walking back and fourth while still vomiting. She then collapse on the floor and her body did a quick shake and died. It was so fast that it didn’t gave me a chance to rush her to the vet. Im still distraught on the way she died. She was 2nd gsd and my beloved companion. My first gsd Diana lasted 11 years old she had lymphoma cancer that spread to her lung. She had two surgeries to remove a tumor that was the size of a golf ball and after that 6 months of chemo. She only lasted with chemo 1 month. After that experience I said I never put another dog in chemo it made it worst then better. Diana had a stroke and her health just deteriorated I had no other choice but to put her down. It was the worst decision I had to make but realize I have to let her go and stop her pain and suffering. I’m debating whether to get another dog I don’t know if I want to go through this pain again.

  29. Zoey was 8yrs & 3 months. We thought she was in very good health. The other morning, she made her rounds to see all of us like normal. She went back to our bedroom, laid down and passed. Very shocking. She was showing signs of old age. Grey hair mainly in her face. If only dogs lived longer….

  30. Yesterday, April 25, 2020, my beautiful girl and constant companion, Leila, collapsed in the hallway and within minutes she was gone. She was a healthy 16 year old dog with none of the problems common to GSDs. I spoke with the veterinarian this morning and she indicated that all things pointed to heart failure. She said that in all of her 28 years as a vet, she had never seen a GSD make it to 16 years. She had been out playing with the other dogs in the morning, ate her breakfast as normal, but about 2:30 she started acting really needy, wanting me to touch her and trying to get next to me in the recliner. While I was prepping dinner, she went to the hallway and I heard her hit the floor. And then he was gone. We rescued her when she was just 8 months old. She had a skin disorder that made her pull her fur out til her skin bled. Her previous owner had surrendered her to a kill shelter, but the rescue group I was working with pulled her at the last hour and asked us to foster her. That turned into adoption, but not before we spent over $2K to get her skin issue under control. After about 3 weeks of treatment, her coast started to come back in and she was the most beautiful blonde/sable GSD ever. She will be greatly missed.

  31. Sabre came into our lives 10 years ago as a the cutest lil GSD I had ever seen.And he adopted us lovably and unconditionally.He was my soulmate in every sense of the word and I always felt that he was my baby.Through all the tumultuous happenings in my life he gave me succour as a loving companion.He was my anchor when my children were away.Albeit he had multiple problems mainly hip dysplasia but he would always bounce back.But after innumerable efforts I feel he wants to slip away…..Not eating / drinking and breathing laboriously.The Vet says to let him go peacefully…..
    My baby Seboo I will always cherish your presence in my life….I was blessed dear friend….
    Rest in peace……

  32. Hi mandi it’s the hardest thing in life losing a dog my dog mandy died of same thing, 7 years old,it turned into my life being worthless,you go to places were they liked, you feel guilty was it something I done, did she enjoy life with me, did I do as much with her as I could, I put a song on you tube mandi, please have a listen.if you go in to YouTube put mandy/could it me magic, I am about seven down, I have stripe teashirt with a good tan, it’s b Mitchell I dedicate it to your dog and you, you will never get over it as the memories come back, I got my dogs private cremation, I have caskets with there name on it, it helps a wee bit, but you keep on loving your dog for years, it’s like losing that lovely feeling of happyness it’s hard take care

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  34. My dog is German shepherd husky she is my therapy animal after pulling the plug on my mother and raising my sister on my own. My heart goes out to anyone who loses their best friend. I cannot fathom not having her stinky breath in my face daily.

  35. My GS is now 8. I am seeing here in summary,,, that it appears that average GS lives to be from 10 to 12 years old. Some older,,, some younger.
    My wish is that everyone’s GS lives longer than expected.

  36. I have two german shepherds, Pandora and Lizzy. 12 and 9 years old. Pandora has severe hip dysplasia but she keeps going! Lizzy is a therapy dog and she still looks and acts like a 4 y/o.
    I’ve rescued a G.S on the street, we did some research and the owner didn’t want her because she was old. She lived 2 and a half years with us, died at 14, her name was Luna and she was so loved. Before we got Pandora we also had a Luna, she died at 5, she swallow a toothpick (we had no idea) and it perforated her intestines, we thought it was a tumour but when the vet opened her up she found the damn toothpick. Also so loved and gone so soon.

  37. I just lost my German shepherd and brother Dexter yesterday due to internal bleeding from a stomach rupture. I don’t know the details but I’m still hurting and I will for a while. I didn’t go to the vet to see him off with my parents, sister, and a couple other family members Because I didn’t want to see him lying there dead. Now I feel bad because a delusional part of me is thinking like what if Dexter can’t peacefully rest because I wasn’t there. I lost my first dog Baggie in 2016 and I was away from home so I had to watch my family put him down at our house over FaceTime. It was tough then but Dexters loss hurts me a lot more. Both Dexter and Baggie lived to be 11 and they have great lives but I’m still very sad. Dexter has a little brother German Shepherd Milo and he is about 2 years old. He’s been sad and he sniffed Dexter before he went to the vet but not after so I’m worried that he’s still waiting for Dexter but everyone thinks he knows and understands.

    I don’t know how to regather myself but remember everything I love about Dexter and recollecting all our photos. I turn 23 in 9 days but I already am wishing I could turn back time. This year was already tough but this is immeasurable. I want to be with and hug him and see him again someday. I know I will have to come to terms with death in general but this makes me question God and his existence. If I created these wonderful and loyal animals who bring nothing but joy, I would want to ensure they lived longer then their selfish and greed-fueled human counterparts. Or at the very least, ensure that dogs and these other animals’s souls go to some afterlife.

    I don’t know I’m just rambling and letting the childish thoughts out as I am grieving my brother/friend/ and wonderful dog Dexter. I am going to continue to be more appreciative of the life around me as long as I can and I will help Milo out too. He and I and my family miss Dexter but we will love him forever.

  38. Yes, dogs have souls as well as an eternal afterlife. We question that because there is nothing in the Bible that really speaks to that fact. The Bible was written by men, not God. . .greedy, selfish, and vain men. God did the best He could because there was no other living creature with the ability to read and write. So, all these men wrote what was revealed to them about man. No other living creature was really included. The men who wrote the Bible were so busy fighting among themselves, it is a wonder that they got anything recorded. Dogs are perhaps the most perfect thing created by God. Man is the most corrupt/imperfect part of the creation. So, men believe that all men have an eternal destiny. All other living creatures just die. Men are born fools and will die fools.

  39. Lost my Jake a year ago. He was a few weeks shy of 10. Colorectal cancer. I saw he was losing weight and started having hip problems but I chalked it up to age. He ate all the time. One day, basically overnight, his rear legs had swollen to double the size. Looked like he had a cut on his foot and I thought infection. Took him in and left for work. Dr called a few hours later with the bad news..He also started peeing blood. The Dr also thought he may have a rupture getting ready to happen. That made my decision easy. That would have been really painful.

    I researched other possible causes for a year thinking Dr was wrong. Basically In denial. I’ve just recently moved on. I have female shepherd that’s 10 and their son that’s 5. I suppose that helped. Unfortunately,the one I lost was my soul dog. Can’t be replaced. The vet said something that still holds true though. It’s not what’s best for me but what’s best for my Jake.

    He said there was a few things he could do to buy maybe a month or two but the end result would be the same and I’d have to go back through it. The quality of life just wouldn’t get better.

  40. I just had to make the most difficult decision on September 12 2020 to put my beloved Sabato gsd to sleep. He was 14yr and I had him from age 6wks. I’m totally heartbroken! He was my best friend, my soldier, my soulmate, my big beautiful baby boy! He had slowed down in June and could no longer do his normal walks.He did his last walk in in the neighborhood in July. But could still walk around the house outside. He could no longer get in bed with me and would sleep beside me on the rug but I know he missed his spot in the bed. On Tuesday September 8th he had a seizure and was able to get through it. He got up and acted his normal self. The last couple months his breathing had become laboured and I put it on the extremely hot weather in Ga. My vet would always tell me to turn the air down since his coat was like fur on him. He had been diagnosed with otharitis years ago so he was already on meds. for pain and he had started falling every few feet. But on Saturday the 12th of 2020 never did I think I would have to make the decision but he started to have multiple seizures and could not get up. I’m so heartbroken,lost and alone. He was almost human in the way that he understood everything about my life and was there for me during the ups and downs. I talked to him about everything and he understood. He he looked at me that last day like begging me to let him go so he could be with ladybug the love of his life my collie that pasted in December 2018. Life literally left him then. He e even guided me in his burial. I wanted to store him till I could come to terms with everything but by Monday I buried him where ladybug, Princess,my daughter’s pit, and Tinker bell my daughter’s chawawa is buried but he is closest to my bedroom so he can still watch over me. I loved him dearly and feel he is replaceable. My life is turned upside down because of so many years of him being apart of it. I really hope he is resting in peace and able to be with his sister’s and the loves of his life.

    • Correction: my beloved Sabato is IRREPLACEABLE!!! I can’t imagine bringing another furbababy in Sabato space in my heart. He’s not suffering and in pain. May he forever rest in peace

    • I felt like you with my Montauk.

  41. Is Karma a bitch or a dog

  42. My father got “Baron” while in college and ROTC in South Carolina in 1951. When he went to fight in Korea, Baron stayed with his mom in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dad got back from the war in 1954, and Baron died in 1963. He was almost 12.

    His next GSD, “Panzer”, lived from fall 1963 – Sept.1974. So, almost 11

    “Heidi” lived to be 10.5. January 1970-August 1980.

  43. Great post thanks you admin…

  44. I adopted Montauk from a rescue organization when he was about 7 years old. No one wants an old dog with physical problems. I was recovering from physical seizure problems and had severe pain whenever I coughed or sneezed. Pain killers would not touch the pain.
    Montauk had bad hips and an artificial knee when I got him.
    Within 4 weeks of Montauk’s arrival my pain went away. He was a great family dog and very easy to train. He was a friend to anyone I was friendly with. He ended up having his other knee replaced and ultimately they took the ball off his left hip. The staff at the Vets office loved him as much as i did. He would sit at the front door 5 to 10 minutes before the boy (sitter) showed up on his quad to visit or get paid. Montauk was euthanized at age 10 due to numerous cancer tumors (he could not walk anymore) even though he had gone to work with me that day.
    I now have a 4 year old GSD that I adopted at 7 months old. She is very smart and very loyal. She is fabulous with my 3 year old grandson. She walks me daily and loves to run after her squeaky ball.

  45. I have 2 German Shepherds 🥰. The oldest, is going on 16 or 17 years old now! She was already neutered when we got her around 13 years ago… I started treating her hip dysplasia with hip/joint medical about 6 years ago and she is going strong! I give her 2 in the morning & 2 at night with her meals.. I just cut them up & mix with her food. She runs and plays with my other GS.. no problem! She also runs with hubby’s deer dogs during hunting season! 🥰 Love my babies!!💕🥰🙏🤗

  46. Having had pets all through my my life, it was never easy to loose them, as they were part of the family.
    Our latest loss, only a few days ago on the 19th July 2022, was our very beautiful looking, unassuming, yet very smart German Shepard “Leo”, with a slightly aristocratic touch to him :-), that had nothing to prove, he knew who he was. Even though he was a strong and at times boisterous animal, he also was a very gentle dog, particularly around our little children. He would take little treats from them ever so gently and let them touch him, accepting them for who they were, his little friends. On our walks, people would forever comment, what a lovely dog, and kids forever asking: “May I touch him (?)”, – not something that I encouraged, but occasionally said OK too and Leo would just patiently stand there appreciating this special attention he got :-). He was very special and probably a little feared and respected by others by others, because of his size and that Inspector Rex look and impression he gave to those who got to meet him.
    Trying to shorten the story a little, I had no idea, how tragic it would to be, lose a friend like him suddenly and totally unexpectedly. On the day, it sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride, I had never been on before. He was a pure bread GS, Just over 7.5 years old, with the energy of a young dog. Whenever there was a reason release that use that power within him, he would give it his all, as he did the day before he went into a sleep, from which he would never wake up again. The day before, we went for a walk in the afternoon, through a little bush track as usual, he always enjoyed the leash off area as he would wait for me to find and throw a stick, for him to chase. At times he had selective hearing and would not bring it back, but was always submissive in the end :-). So after having had a drink, at a dog fountain, or from a bottle I carried for him, back towards home. As the nights got cooler where I live, in the southern hemisphere, he was always allowed to come into the loungeroom, which we kept warm in the early hours of the evening, before him going outside
    into his own cosy bed. It was mainly because he enjoyed our company and we enjoyed his as he spread himself out, going into a resting position in front of the television set not concerned about anyone tripping over him. He knew that no one was going to step on him. That final night with us, he suddenly wanted to go outside, which was out of character, because it was very cool there and he loved the warmth in spite of his lovely natural double coat, plus the extra coat we got him for nightime. I went outside with him and picked up his two favorite balls, which he was so eager to go and fetch, in the just past full moon light. I could not see the balls rolling on the lawn, but he going off like a rocket, brought them back in no time. So as usual he had a good drink after playing for a little while. Nothing was unusual or different from other days, except that he was restless, considering it was late and past the time he usually wanted to go to his bed. I said to him Leo go to bed now, and went there, even lay down, only to get up again. I had one of my security cameras on the area and noticed, he did not actually go to his bed that night but chose to lay on some outdoor carpet on concrete. Before dawn, I could see him walking out on the lawn, on a camera, and thought that he probably went out there because the sun was coming up in a little while. Not giving it any further thought at the time, I got moving myself, getting ready for the day. As the sun was up, probably about a couple of hours since I had last seen my my loyal and faithful friend, I went out to see him and say my usual good morning, but..he was no where to be seen. The fence gates were lo locked, but even if they were open he just would never have gone wandering, as he liked hanging around me. Now, being concerned, I started to search the bushes at the back of our plot, (only seen him in there once, when a cat trespassed into his territory :-). At the end of my search, I found him resting,(or so I thought) head and ears up, the two legs in front of him, back legs under him, he looked lovely, but could not hear or see me anymore, nor feel that I stroked him. He had gone from us. The vet could not tell us the cause.
    I checked my security camera footage later, to see what time he walked that lonely last walk into the baushes, in a normal and upright and dignified way, and realized it was only abot 2.5 hours before I found him. The thing that upsets me most, is that I now think he may have waited for me at the back door to say good morning, or good bye. Only dog some would say, – “NO” its a family member that you cared for, it leaves a gap, and it will take a while, for the sadness to be replaced, with beautiful memories of this faithful friend who depended and trusted in you.

  47. How very sad. I’m so sorry. They are a most beautiful and faithful companion. My first sympathies to you and your family. 💜😘❤

    • Thank you for your lovely and heartfelt message, which is much appreciated.
      They are the loveliest companions and so eager to please, it is like loosing a best friend, but the memories of the good and fun times will remain.

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