Italy’s Hero Dog, A German Shepherd Named Kaos, Found Poisoned

Fabiano Ettore’s dog, Kaos, was a German Shepherd Dog known to many as Italy’s “Hero Dog”. Fabiano and Kaos were on the scene of the Amatrice earthquake just hours after it occurred, and Kaos helped locate survivors who were trapped in the rubble.

BBC is reporting on a Facebook post of Fabiano’s that Kaos has been poisoned and killed.

I translated the Facebook post from Italian to English and it reads:

Hello, my friend !!!!! You left an unbridgeable emptiness at the hands of a mean person .. continue your work up there continue to look lost, to save lives … Do not feel hatred for those who did this, even if tomorrow will need help him be superior and how much he will look you in the eye and see that you are his Savior will die slowly by himself …. Kaos we have … so many … helped many and many we have not succeeded … you have worked day and night, when it is served you have never saved yourself .. you have been a faithful friend we have shared and shared home .. sofa .. all .. run friend my friend do not stop a day we will embrace again

An article by the AP states that dog poisonings are a common occurrence in Italy, and that Cabinet ministers and lawmakers are calling for stiffer penalties for people who poison dogs.

Maybe Kaos’ death will help get some better laws passed. Italy’s current cruelty to animal laws may be viewed here on Wikipedia.


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