Kansas Woman Reunites With German Shepherd After An Eight Year Separation

It’s a reunion eight years in the making. Jacqueline Horton of Caney, Kansas, is still in shock after discovering her long-lost German Shepherd at a local animal shelter.

According to, Horton’s pet, Barron, ran away with her parent’s German Shepherd, Tanner, in the fall of 2010. Although Tanner returned soon afterward, Barron disappeared into the nearby woods.

Flash-forward to December 3, 2018, when Horton saw the photo of a German Shepherd rescue on a local animal shelter’s Facebook. Immediately after reading this dog’s profile, Horton called her brother and rushed to Chautauqua County Animal Shelter.

Although Horton was skeptical when she got to the shelter, she had no doubt this dog was her Barron when she brought him home. Horton said she could tell this was Barron both by the dog’s eyes and how he interacted with her smaller dog Piper.

Animal rescue workers say Barron was brought into the shelter after he was discovered lying by a road in Caney. Despite being thin for his size, Barron is very energetic and seems happy to be home.

Horton said she believes her father’s spirit somehow made this miraculous reunion possible. Horton’s father regularly checked for Barron at Chautauqua County Animal Shelter until his passing at the beginning of 2018.

To avoid the possibility of another eight-year separation, Horton decided to implant a GPS-tracking microchip into Barron.

Image credit: Facebook.


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