Huge puppies!!

The puppies are getting enormous.

I just kicked off my size 13 sneaker for a second for comparison in this picture.

It is pouring rain. Today we grabbed some puppy shampoo which is all natural and contains no soap. We are going to try and bathe a few of them before their vet visit. Baths can do more harm than good, so we’ve avoided bathing them. We completely expect the vet to write down on their paperwork that they are dirty. This happened last year even though they had a bath an hour or two before their exam. Oh well! When you have 7 puppies in together and are potty training them in a swamp, they will be dirty! (Our yard is practically a swamp from all of the RAIN we’ve received lately.)

Anyways, the pups are getting so big! They actually look different this morning than they did last night, it is unbelievable. We can’t wait to get their weights. I’m sure many are around 16lbs right now. puppies


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