How to make your own German Shepherd Ear Cleaning Solution

How to make your own German Shepherd Ear Cleaning Solution:

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and I can not guarantee this information. We will be not held responsible for any injuries resulting in the use of this recipe, use with your own discretion and at your own risk.

Now, that being said, this is a fairly common recipe as seen all over the Internet and if you look at the ingredients list on many dog ear cleaning solutions they consist of at least the 3 following ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, boric acid & gentian violet. If your dog’s ears are infected or have open wounds please consult with your vet.

Special notes:
– Do not get in eyes (Acid + eyes = bad).
– Shake well before using (The boric acid settles and the bottle needs to be shaken before use).
– Use outside. (The violet will stain cloth and other materials. Your dog will shake it’s head after an ear cleaning sending drips everywhere.)

– 16 oz isopropyl alcohol
– 4 tablespoons boric acid powder
– 16 drops Gentian Violet (1% solution)

How often to treat varies from dog to dog. Most GSDs should have their ears cleaned around once a week.

A lot of people like to use alcohol/vinegar 50/50 or water/vinegar 50/50. However, Boric acid is a weaker acid than vinegar which helps keeps the pH low. Gentian violet is an anti-fungal used in treating yeast infections & the alcohol is an antiseptic.


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