Guam Man Finds his Stolen German Shepherd Dog For Sale on Facebook

Someone steals your German Shepherd Dog. You search high and low for your dog to no avail. Then, two weeks later while looking on Facebook, you see your dog for sale.

While this may not sound like a familiar story to you, this is exactly what happened to a man in Guam, who knew it was his dog thanks to the dog’s markings and a shorter than average ear.

The man asked the Facebook user, who was using an alias, to meet him to sell the dog. When the alleged thieves showed up at the meeting spot, a shopping center, police took the dog dealers into custody. Unfortunately for the dog-nappers, they had no good story to tell police. One person told the police that the shepherd showed up on his doorstep, and the other thief told investigators that she had purchased the canine on Craigslist.

Nobody ever said dog thieves were very smart.

Fortunately, the German Shepherd was reunited with his rightful owner.

Stealing a German Shepherd Dog is a sickening thing to do. Unfortunately, in Guam, it is considered only a misdemeanor charge.

Here is the pair charged with dog theft, checking in with the police on July 20, 2017.

As a note, they are innocent until proven guilty.

Stephen Minsun Kim
Ah Rum Rose Kim



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