Stupid Things People Say About German Shepherds

stupid dog memeThe Internet is a strange place, full of weirdos of all types. Every once in a while I get some hate-mail or something that is such a brilliant display of stupidity, it just wouldn’t be fair for me to keep it to myself. Be warned though, before continuing, people’s comments below are incredibly dumb, occasionally infuriating, but usually result in laughter assuming you can decipher their thoughts through the misspellings which are present.

If you have heard any stupid things said about German Shepherds please feel free to add them to the comments or email them to me to post.

And by all means, if you have something stupid to say, please contact me immediately. We would  love a good laugh at your expense.

Stupid Things People Say About German Shepherds

German Show Line Shepherds look “deformed”  


The look of the show line shepherd is new, it is not original and it has been modified to look deformed compared to the look of a real original GSD. The article is miss leading and should start by saying that the modern-day show GSD is a deformed version of what was started many years ago.
– Sandra,  July 24, 2015

Sandra was the inspiration for this entire web page. Thanks Sandra! See, in very problem lies an opportunity. Sandra, I hope you find a way to handle all that hate, right after you go and f**k yourself.


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